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How you listen is your most important leadership competency

I met with an executive management team recently to discuss their commitment to developing themselves as a high performing team. During that discussion, one of the executives responded to something another executive had said and their response left me thinking that…


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Solving the Organisational DNA Riddle: Part 2

The story continues from last week’s post titled; “What we learnt working with the FBI: Part 1”.

SYDNEY OFFICE - AUSTRALIA 7.34AM: Upon reflecting on the biological and biochemical information the FBI had provided it was necessary that an…


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Presenting – A Big Crisis in Leadership Today

Would you market your business today the same way you were marketing it 30…


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Sticky Inspiration


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An Infographic on Limiting Absenteeism at Work

Image courtesy-

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Sign of the times

 I was having a coffee at a café when I noticed that there were lots of signs.  They were everywhere. 

These signs were of the passive aggressive, all capitals, lecturing variety.  I wondered about the staff working there, how many similar (or worse) signs were out the back, and what sort of authoritarian rule the staff must work under.

I think most people at…


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LSI 1 Series: Self-Actualising

The Self-Actualising Style is essentially a measure of our self-esteem. If we have strong self-esteem we are more likely to be effective and happy. Low self-esteem limits our potential and satisfaction. All of us respond positively to praise and encouragement. It gives us the confidence to be who we are, to try new things without fear of blame or criticism.

In this series of blogs on the LSI 1, I have worked with the metaphor that the way we describe ourselves reveals the relationship…


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Workplace Conversations & Resilience - Don't be Afraid

Modern day employers are increasingly required to adapt to the sensitivities of their employees – particularly when needing to raise performance issues.

Managers and key decision makers need to learn how to have those difficult conversations with employees – a key part of being a good manager. These conversations should take place in a way that does not demean or intimidate the employee as well as protecting the Company’s position when it comes to being able to defend claims for…


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Design jobs to increase employee motivation

Designing is a term more readily, easily and commonly associated to creative-oriented career options. What does an HR professional have to do with a work aspect that sounds as artistic and creative as Job Designing?

Take a moment, analyze your own job and jot down a few characteristics about your job and the answer is ready! Consider the variety in your job tasks, identity and significance of your role, the autonomy you have, the feedback you receive,…


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Three critical elements business leaders must get right for Mobile Learning success

Employees from medium to large organizations across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) want access to learning content on mobile devices, but are organizations tapping into this opportunity?

According to new research by Skillsoft, most organizations are yet to realize the full potential of mobile learning, despite clear productivity benefits. Mobile learning has huge benefits for ANZ organizations; including enhanced employee efficiency, improvements in business results and reductions in…


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Why Saying You’re an HR Business Partner on LinkedIn Could Cost Your Career

If you’re reading this post, you might think I sound a little harsh with what I have just said.

But think of me as coming from the place of someone who loves you and wants to help you.  :-)

Having recently shifted base to Melbourne, I’ve been looking on LinkedIn to connect with local HR professionals who are interested in creating a better world of…


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What We Learnt Working With The FBI

WASHINGTON D.C – USA 7.58AM: After several months of exchanged phone calls and emails I sat at a table in the Lincoln’s Waffle Shop excitedly waiting to finally meet the three FBI agents I had been working with to accelerate our progress. It would be my first of several to come.  

My mission with them was about designing a method that could create…


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How to shelter new leaders while they get established

Senior leaders are the trees in organisations, shading budding leaders from situations that can destroy them. When you appoint a new leader in your organisation do you leave them exposed to the ravages of the organisation or do your senior leaders provide them with some shelter from the more extreme elements?

Once you have…


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Leadership teams - the leadership development focus of the future

The qualities of organisational leadership have evolved considerably since the command and control model that reigned up until the middle of the 20th century but in reading Peter Wilson’s second edition of ‘Make Mentoring…


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Help! The Head HR Honcho is Hopeless


If the Head of HR is a bit ordinary or the function lacks standing, status and influence then send them this: anonymously might be best.

In the very best organizations the Head HR honcho:

1  Has direct and unfettered access to the CEO 24/7

2  Sits at the corporate decision making table

3 Spends more time with the core business providers/front-end operatives than on email

4 Promotes that quality staff selection is more important than…


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Breakfast Invitation for the HR Daily Community - 100 Leaders - the World's first interactive leadership forum designed for everyone

"It's such a unique way of sharing knowledge." Audette Exel, Founder ADARA

"You get the different perspectives. Everybody takes something different from every interview." Michael Culhane, Co-CEO Pepper Group

Everyday we see promotions and advertisements to events with speakers - breakfasts, lunches and dinners. I often wonder if the people who would really benefit from attending some of these events can actually afford them.

As HR professionals you are…


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Hands UP! Now, Step Away from the Keyboard...

This week I received an email from a disgruntled candidate. When I say disgruntled, I mean ANGRY! And when I say candidate, I mean someone else’s candidate – I’d never communicated in any way with this person.

This person had decided to get in touch regarding a role we were working on – at the executive level – and they had obviously…


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Interdependence of people-focused initiatives and business strategy recognised at 2015 Australian HR Awards

Recently, Forum had the opportunity of presenting the “Australian HR Director of the Year” award at the 2015 Australian HR Awards. The night was an occasion to celebrate the innovative work taking place across Australia’s HR industry, exemplify outstanding up-comers and recognise key leaders pushing boundaries and propelling HR forward as an important driver of…


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Force = Mass x Acceleration (+HR)

"F = M x A (+HR)" is the fourth in a 10-part series outlining the concepts included in "The Physics of HR; Mastering the Laws of Motion," the Whitaker joint set to publish in mid-2016.

"My job is to make people move." That's been the overall theme to this discussion to date, in case I haven't bludgeoned you to death with imagery already. That's my job as an HR…


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What a difference an iPhone can make

As you would be aware, an employee who is not award or EBA covered is unable to make an unfair dismissal claim if their annual rate of earnings exceeds the high income threshold (currently $136,700).

A recent decision of the FWC has confirmed that the private benefit an employee derives from the use of items such as a company motor vehicle, mobile phone or iPad can be taken into account when determining whether an employee’s earnings puts them…


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