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5 proven steps to boost your mental health

Do you wake up feeling good and look forward to the day ahead? If the answer is no, then you are not alone.

New figures from the National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing report 45 per cent of Australians have experienced a mental health problem in their life-time, while 20.1 per cent experienced a mental disorder last year, an increase of 2.6 per cent from the previous year.

As a psychologist this doesn’t surprise me, in fact, I would go so far as to say it is…


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How To Move From Supervisor To Manager – The 10 Things You Need To Focus On

Making the move from supervisor to manager isn’t a simple one. Working the way you used to work just isn't going to cut it anymore.

The three key areas that allow you to be successful in a managerial role are your thoughts and mindset, your behaviours and the tools and strategies you use.

If you’re already a manager but aren’t moving forward, it’s more than likely that it’s because you’re lacking in one of these three areas.



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Lessons for leaders

By Tony Wu

About four years ago, I decided I was over working in the corporate field, and wanted to do more with my career. Keen to utilise my studies and pursue a career in marketing, I started applying for hundreds of roles, and attending interview after interview, only to be told my CV wasn’t what they were looking for. So I decided I had to change tack. Maybe there was a way I could combine my passion for design and creativity with my knack for business, and start…


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What to do if you find yourself in a hostile work environment

In the perfect world, every employee works in a positive and healthy work environment every day. Unfortunately, nowadays many individuals struggle with hostile work environments. Those are situations where a person feels constantly uncomfortable at their place of…


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How and When to Report Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying can sometimes be difficult to identify. After all, people from many different walks of life are thrown together in a working environment, and this will often result in personality clashes and natural disagreements. Not everybody in the office will be friends with each other. 

So how can you tell when something has strayed into the area of workplace bullying? And how do you know when to deal with it…


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The Best (and Worst) Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Well-thought-out questions are the key to finding well-qualified job candidates. The right interview questions will help uncover insights about applicants that can’t be gleaned from a resume, including professionalism, confidence, problem-solving skills, and more!

The Best Job Interview Questions

While behavioural interview questions,…


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Workforce Management | Creating Carer Friendly Workplaces

In the coming years, more people than ever before will need to take on caring responsibilities.

Advances in medical technology mean that people with disability are living longer, while Australians are retiring later and choosing to age at home. If employees are not…


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Relocating your office successfully

Relocating your office is, of course, no easy feat. First, you will be down for some time, so you could be risking losing some money. Second, you might lose clients and employees if you’re moving far away from your original location. You will also need to handle some other things, like new marketing efforts, updating your website and social media, and in general, invest a lot of time and effort to have everything go according to plan. So, with that in mind, we suggest you work hard on…


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Group Effort: How a region banded together to improve employment standards

No employer operates in a silo – all employers operate in complex systems of interrelated stakeholders including employees, customers, other businesses, and regulators who enforce the laws that apply to the employer and their business.

The actions of employers, therefore, have consequences for those stakeholders. Even decisions that on the surface appear only to concern two parties – the employer and the employee – can have ripple effects on the others.

For example, the…


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Fool me once, sham on you: FWC refers employer to FWO over sham contracting

The rapid rise of concepts such as the gig economy has seen a significant shift in our understanding of the differences between independent contractors and employees. The distinction between the two is now more complex and can be difficult to discern, but regulatory bodies have made it clear that they will not tolerate the intentional mischaracterisation of employment relationships as a means of depriving genuine employees of their entitlements.

There have been numerous cases in…


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Brace yourself for consequences: Dentist penalised for non-compliance and personally ordered to rectify underpayments

The Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) is responsible for ensuring compliance with workplace laws. It does this by investigating and taking enforcement action against suspected breaches of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act).

Under the FW Act, one of the enforcement powers of the FWO is to issue a compliance notice requiring the employer to address contraventions of the FW Act. Failing to comply with this compliance notice has serious consequences…


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How to hire a cybersecurity professional

Working in security is tough. Essentially, you have the weight of an organisation’s privacy and safety on your shoulders. One mistake, one oversight, and you, or the team you’re responsible for, could be responsible for a breach. 

On any given day, security professionals are faced with many problems that need to be resolved to keep a business moving – to keep the wheels turning.

It’s an industry that can be misunderstood. Outsiders and even IT…


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Are You Cut Out To Be A Leader? These Are The 4 Qualities You Need

Are you cut out to be a leader?

Many people think they don’t have what it takes. That they don’t have the qualities needed to hold a leadership position. But leadership isn’t some grand vision to be attained. Being a leader is not just a title that Nelson Mandela or Gandhi were able to use. 

We believe leadership qualities are something we all have.

You can …

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Ruling on Anonymous Social Posts a Warning for Employees

In the highly-anticipated decision of Comcare v Banerji, the High Court has found it is not unconstitutional for the federal government to restrict the rights of public servants to express their political views in a public forum. 

So what does this decision mean for employees, freedom of political communication and the right to free speech? 



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“We Have Never Had An Issue Before” – How Masterchef And Chatime Have Showed The Perils Of Underpayment Of Wages

Underpayment of wages – “We have never had an issue before, so there is no need to worry about it” this is a standard line used by many employers and clients of NB Lawyers – lawyers for employers.  It is very easy of course to ask for advice as a reaction to being sued by a former employee, investigated by the Fair Work Ombudsman or receiving a letter of demand.  It is harder to take on preventive action advice when there…


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Is It Time To Re-Frame The Language?

In an earlier post titled ‘Who Really is the Difficult Conversation For?' I discussed the four stages for ensuring a clear and factual communication exchange that is both productive and constructive. Such a conversation is not just about conveying information, it is also about using the exchange to build…


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The Role of the Fair Work Commission in Workplace Disputes

There is a high likelihood that every employer will have to deal with action - or at least the threat of action - involving the Fair Work Commission (FWC). 

Let's take a look at the role of the FWC, and the importance of a defensible investigation report in the event an employee lodges a claim. 


The FWC is Australia's national workplace…


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How to Start and Grow Your HR Department

Building a human resource department is necessary for every business. However, if you are still in the early stages, you might have problems hiring all the required people. At first, you might have one or two persons doing everything, which is tough. These five tips will help you…


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Leaders listen up, leaders step up!

Leaders are responsible for the landscape they create!

Warning! Rant ahead. Warning! Rant ahead.…


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The Importance of Social Media For HR

Unless you are living the life of a hermit, you are most likely online in some capacity. Let’s face it, even Buddhist monks in Tibet use smartphones on daily basis. What is the go to place for anyone online? Social networks. This is where people find out info, brag about things and…


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