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Complement don't compete, human driven automation

Today’s workplaces are increasingly “going paperless”, with a growing number of organisations opting for cloud-based solutions to offer secure and systematic business processes. The HR industry is no different when it comes to basic processes such as file storage and sharing but other, arguably more critical, practices are still stuck in the past.

This is certainly what we’ve seen with reference checking, which is often still conducted via phone, reliant on referee availability for a…


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Stop calling them team leaders if you don’t expect them to lead

Language matters. What we call something can help or hinder our understanding of it. The gardening world is full of examples of plants that have been given names that have no relationship to the plant. This can make it very confusing for new gardeners. For example, Pineapples aren’t related to pines or apples, Peanuts aren’t actually a nut and Primoses aren’t roses. I see the same problem happening in the workplace when we call people team leaders when they are really team managers. I have…


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Corruption in the workplace - how social identity keeps workers in check

By Andrew Hedges


Workplace corruption and social identity

If you’re new to an organisation and you’re given a company credit card for work-related expenses such as taking clients out to lunch or for travel purposes, your social identity can be tied in to how the workplace culture “interprets” that company…


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Clocked-off but carrying on: Employee dismissed for out of hours conduct

In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (K v Coal & Allied Mining Services Pty Limited T/A Mount Thorley Operations/Warkworth Mining [2016] FWC 6018 (Mount Thorley decision)), Commissioner Saunders said,

“It is only in exceptional circumstances that an employer has a right to extend any supervision over the private activities of employees.”

Thankfully, most employers will never have to concern themselves with…


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Netball collective playing agreement takes centre court

There has been much attention on the new Netball Australia collective agreement (the Agreement) announced last week. The Agreement, described as a “landmark deal” for women’s sport, increases the minimum player salary from $13,250 per year to $27,375 per year.

In what is seen as a move toward professionalism for the sport, all National Netball League players will now be signed to a 12 month part-time contract for an average of 20 hours per week. This was viewed as a significant…


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How leader beliefs impact corporate culture

Most of us have seen Values Statements on the walls of organisations. Unless the leaders truly believe in the core messages of these values, they are a waste of space - and could indeed be counterproductive.

For example, let's assume we have a leader who, in their heart of hearts believes you get the best out of people by putting a lot of pressure on them (the leader might not own-up to this belief, but it nonetheless is a core belief).

If the value statements in that…


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Conducting investigations: Are you in or out?

One of the first decisions to be made by an employer when confronted with a situation warranting investigation is whether the matter can be adequately investigated internally or whether investigation by an independent third party is warranted.  This decision is an important one – choosing the wrong option can potentially lead to other claims including workers compensation, general protections or a “stop bullying” application under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (the…


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Putting Ethics at the centre of leadership

A visit to the website of the Ethics Centre in Sydney leads to a fantastic video telling us that “Ethics is at the Centre of Being Human”. It details a range of areas to which ethics are central. Birth, Right-to-Life, Identity, Love, Sex, Desire, Happiness, Belief, Gender, Bias, War ………. The list is diverse and fascinating. I am struck by how little we generally think about ethics – at least consciously. In a world that many people feel is…


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6 Steps to Ensure Your Payroll Project Takes Off

Transforming the payroll function along with the underlying payroll platform can deliver significant savings, but sadly many payroll projects never make it past the initial stages. Typical reasons include having a poor understanding of what payroll services are actually required, lack of understanding of the required size and structure of the retained organisation, and a misconception that the business processes should be re-engineered prior to any project. All of this also often leads to a…


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Our tradition of whistle blowing

By Andrew Hedges


Whistle blowing is a part of who we are

Australia is no stranger to a tradition of whistle blowing and it comes in various forms. They can be individuals who speak out against fraud, wrongdoing, illegal activities and corruption in the workplace.

But, while that whistle blowing tradition has…


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Assessing "he said, she said" evidence - eyewitness account insufficient proof of misconduct

The Fair Work Commission has found that an aged care provider unfairly dismissed a personal carer when it erroneously relied upon an “eyewitness’” to substantiate an allegation of elder abuse.

Deputy President Booth found that there was insufficient evidence to establish on the balance of probabilities that the abuse had taken place, and as such there was no valid reason for dismissal.

This decision is important for employers as it provides guidance on the approach to take when…


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When is Workplace Mediation Needed?

The majority of workplace conflict is interpersonal conflict arising from miscommunication, misunderstanding and inappropriate behaviours. In some cases, but not all, workplace mediation may be required to resolve the conflict.

There will always be some type of conflict in the workplace because our communication skills are not always effective and constructive, we tend to misunderstand each other’s actions and intentions and sometimes behaviours are not appropriate…


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Well, well, well. How healthy is your workplace?

Mention the words ‘workplace health’ and most people immediately think of OH&S, or perhaps executive health checks and pre-winter flu shots. Yet true workplace health goes far beyond just the physical safety of you and your team members. In fact, the World Health Organisation defines ‘health’ as a ‘complete state of physical, social and…


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Do you know what is fair and reasonable in the workplace?

When an issue arises in the workplace, it can be easy to get ahead of yourself and make rash decisions. So how do you ensure procedural fairness for all individuals involved?

What is procedural fairness?

Procedural fairness is associated with the decision-maker, and ensures that all the correct steps have been taken to ensure a fair…


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5 non-negotiables to make your company a great place to work (Part 1)

What makes a workplace great? Is it a cool office, perks, or unique benefits? These qualities may be important to talent at the beginning, but to make them…


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The Implications of ‘Fun Loving’ Behaviour in Management

Do you remember the "sneaky nuts" craze? If you do, you can blame the character of Daniel as created and brought to life by Australian comedian Chris Lilley in the mockumentary series Angry Boys. He introduced us to sneaky nuts photo bombs in 2011. For those of you who have no idea what we are on about – search YouTube, if you dare!

But recently, engaging in…


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Pinch of Thought - Ready to grow? Get a mentor who’s in your camp (and in your face!)

I recently refreshed the testimonials for one of my mentoring programmes. I was surprised to discover that I‘ve helped over 40 clever people to grow their income, influence, confidence and happiness in the last two years. This week, I explore some ideas around why I believe smart players need a great mentor.

My first mentoring…


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Court in the middle: Changes proposed for the NSW Industrial Relations Commission

The NSW Government has proposed changes to the exercise of functions by the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (NSW IRC) in response to a marked decreased workload level.

The Commission is primarily responsible for the conciliation and determination of unfair dismissal applications, industrial disputes and the approval of awards and enterprise agreements in the NSW public sector, including NSW local councils.

It is intended that the judicial functions of the NSW IRC…


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Sexual harassment in the News at the News - Fox News


 All HR professionals should take note of current media reports on the sexual harassment complaint recently settled at Fox News – USA.

 The complainant was News anchor Gretchen Carlson. She lodged her complaint against CEO Roger Aisles. Carlson was one of many female News ‘girls’ in the network. Often also referred to as ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ and ‘babes’, these women were part of the image that mandated boobs, bums and pins be all-about and often on screen. You would hope that…


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