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Business continuity and survival during COVID-19 and beyond

By Mark Buckley, Vice President, Australia & New Zealand, Genesys

There has not been a single industry that has escaped the human and financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In Australia and New Zealand, the swift government response to slow the spread of the virus meant that the needs of organisations and the economy changed overnight. While many industries and businesses have seen the customer demand for their products or services virtually disappear, others…


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How to use specialist marketplaces to maximise talent management in a downturn

With organisations needing to tighten their spending and review work practices and internal talent pool, now is a great time for leaders to consider doing things differently. The continued growth of freelancer and specialist marketplaces as a source of excellent talent is not going to stop any time soon and organisations that leverage these specialist skills will be amongst the leaders of the post COVID world.

At a time of recession, focus on the core business is everything and how…


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Managing Employee Health Issues

A question that we’re often asked for advice on, is ‘How do I best manage my employee’s health issue?’ Some examples of how this can manifest are:  an employee taking regular or significant periods of leave (for known or unknown reasons); an employee injury that leads to a Workers’ Compensation claim; an employee’s management of mental health issues;…


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How to find the right outplacement provider – when you needed them yesterday

With the economic impacts of COVID-19 being felt across the country, more businesses are resorting to restructure and redundancy to survive the downturn. As a result, HR managers and teams are finding themselves in the increasingly challenging position of transitioning staff with little to no planning.

While communicating change and organising outplacement are best done months in advance, this is a luxury many businesses don’t have at the moment. So, if you’ve found yourself in the…


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How to Migrate Your Business Online in the Time of Coronavirus

There isn’t a person on the planet that isn’t looking forward to the end of the COVID-19 outbreak that turned the whole world upside down. From nationwide lockdowns to social distancing, epidemiological measures have hit multiple industries hard.

Tourist and hospitality services were especially affected, as countless franchises were forced to migrate their business online. Although necessary, this migration is…


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Technology and Personal Health; a complementary unison

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Today, we pretty much take it for granted. Whether it be convenience, enablement, practicality or improving someone’s health and quality of life, technology has made its way into every facet of our existence. There is also a thought movement that claims that technology has consumed us and led us astray. While a case could be made for that, the responsibility ultimately falls on us to utilize it to the best of our abilities.…


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Carrot or Stick: Which management style is right for your workplace

The western world has been drifting generally towards the left for some decades. In such an environment you might imagine the argument about carrot or stick management styles would be something of a no contest. Yet closer inspection across a range of businesses, workplaces and industries suggests otherwise. Whether you’re naturally inclined to…


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Conflict In The Workplace And The Key To Setting It Right

A mediator is a ‘Conflict Engagement Practitioner’, a skilled, experienced and accredited mediator. They are external to the organisation and independent to the issues and understand how to constructively engage with conflict in any business.

Their role is ‘not about making nice – it is about coming to grips with what is wrong and ‘setting it right.’[1]…


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Redundancy In A Business Sale – What Employers Need To Know

Redundancy In A Business Sale – What Employers Need To Know

Redundancy in business sales can be tricky – the Gravenell Case shows us “what not to do”

Redundancy in a transfer of business situation will usually be in circumstances where the “new” employer does not want to bring the employee onboard (for whatever reason) or the employee does accept a suitable alternate position.

A recent case…


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Why executive decision makers don’t make decisions.

As specialist executive recruiters for almost 25 years, it’s one of the most common frustrations we still hear from employers. Why are so many executive decision makers reluctant to actually make decisions?


The logic is simple enough. After all, when you’re recruited into a senior decision-making position, it’s only natural…


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Modern Award Changes Will Increase Costs, Risk And Exposure

More modern award changes are here…..

As part of the Modern Award Review there were changes made to some awards from 1 July 2020.   These changes may have the effect of increasing exposure to business risk and costs associated with engaging employees covered under the following Awards:

Miscellaneous Award

Some changes have included:

  • The clarification of which employees are covered by this…

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Making employees redundant through a pandemic – navigating the risks and complexities

With the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression upon us, redundancy is a sad inevitability of COVID-19.

No one enjoys making employees redundant, but in the middle of a pandemic when the job market is competitive, and many families are doing it tough? That makes it a lot harder. Here are some tips to help you navigate the risks and complexities of making employees redundant through a pandemic.…


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Zooming Through a Mediation

I was a sceptic. I was wrong

I was wrong. If you’d asked me in January 2020 what I thought of virtual mediation, I would have said “It can work, but really it’s a last resort”. However, after conducting multiple facilitated conversations through online platforms, I am prepared to put my hand up and admit it, “I was…


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General Protections Complaint – Huge Future Economic Loss $Pay-Out Due To COVID-19

$664,601.38 payout!

A staggering amount was awarded to an employee for breach of the General Protections – a substantial portion of this was assigned to the difficulty the applicant would have in obtaining employment in the current COVID-19, pandemic effected environment.

TheFederal Circuit Court (FCC) has recently awarded an employee compensation to the tune of over $650,000 due to breaches of the general protection provisions of…


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Managing workplace mistakes so they don’t become disasters

Blunders. Errors. Epic fails. Balls-ups. Whatever you choose to call them, workplace mistakes happen for all manner of reasons. Perhaps it’s due to lack of attention? Employee stress or fatigue? Confusion over instructions? Poor team morale and motivation? In some cases, it could even be the result of malicious employee…


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