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Is Zero Tolerance of Sexism Achievable at Work?


Julia Gillard has introduced a new parliamentary standard for calling out sexism and misogyny whenever she thinks she sees it, and it is zero tolerance. She also extended this standard to her own MPs, who were subsequently criticised for not leaving an ACTU event in Parliament House where sexist jokes…


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Gamification- The Next Big Thing



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A History of Work in Australia

For more on National Telework Week, see Senator Stephen Conroy's announcement here, you can also find out more information or register to Telework in November here.…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Just watch…


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"Falling Up" - The Power of Resilience

Business as well as life can be an upward climb.  Sometimes, on the way up, you meet challenges that threaten to knock you down.  It is at these times you have a choice.  Do you “fall up” or “fall down”?

Like me, you know that in order to be successful in life and business you have to develop resilience. You are probably quite adept at being resilient in most parts of your life. A friend of mine has this saying whenever things get tough. “It’s character building.” A bit of a clique,…


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Four ways you can support employees and create a successful business

With an ageing workforce, a tight labour market, ongoing skills shortages and an increasingly knowledge based economy, businesses are driving a focus on maximising employee performance and efficiency. Optimising performance and productivity is about collaborating to share best practice knowledge and aligning corporate learning with business goals. HR and the learning and development (L&D) team play a key role in enabling performance on the job and when coupled with the right technology…


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Why Business Will Follow Your Leadership


 One morning, a mother and father hurried down the stairs of their very large house to a breakfast table…


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5 ways to crack the job market when “you don’t have industry experience”

One of the biggest bugbears by job seekers is not winning an interview because they don’t have the industry experience for the role they have applied for.  It seems that every job ad wants ‘industry experience’ – you must have worked in the wine industry or have banking or financial services experience.  This criteria and restriction make it pretty hard for you to join new…


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EAP’s for SME’s

“Employees are people.”

This most basic of basic statement is obvious to the point of ridiculous for industry folk like us. But as we are continually reminded - even the best employers can forget this sometimes.

Employees are people first and foremost, and besides their job title, they have many other roles to play – like spouse, parent, sibling and so on. Every employee has a life outside their workplace, and it’s certainly not uncommon for issues from these personal lives to…


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Reward and Recognition – Where to Start

Getting to know your employees, what makes them tick and how they like to be acknowledged for…


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5 Personalities Your Company Needs

Entrepreneur, venture capitalist and professor Josh Linkner believes that there are 5 essential personality types that anyone needs to help their business grow:…


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Turning downsizing and restructuring events into positive ROI

Restructuring and downsizing initiatives can expose some hidden dangers for companies. For instance, reputation and brand equity may be hit hard, plus there’s the ongoing challenge of retaining the right staff. However, with effective management it’s possible to create positive results for retention, company reputation and brand equity – even after the most difficult events.

The key to creating a positive outcome during career transitioning is to have a proactive approach to ROI.…


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Brighter thinkers more likely to tweet: research

As the Head of Psychology for psychometric testing company Onetest, I’d like to let you in on a surprising preliminary finding from our recent study tracking the life outcomes of graduates.

This national study investigated the relationship between cognitive ability and career and life outcomes and among a number of interesting results was one that stood out - brighter thinkers are more likely to prefer Twitter over LinkedIn.

We’d been exploring the outcomes of 2,851 graduates…


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Ask any employment lawyer about an issue involving a staff member and generally the first thing they will ask you is – what does the employee’s contract of employment say about the issue? This will be closely followed by – is there a company policy covering this?

A recent decision of the Federal Court highlights the importance of not only regularly reviewing and updating human resources polices, but also complying with such policies. That’s compliance by the EMPLOYER, not just the…


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How To Hire The Best For Small Business

From HRNewsDaily:

For companies of any size, it could be said that hiring is the most basic human resources function. Without good employees, a small business has little chance to flourish.

Think about the ultimate small business employee. They…


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4 Biggest Mistakes: Crafting Great Job Descriptions

In the steps leading to recruiting, hiring and training your next top employee—the most valuable stage is crafting the job description. 
So why are there so many mistakes?…


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Someone not playing by the rules? How consistency governs success

In my blog post “People leave leaders – the uncomfortable truth” I discussed how changing business culture and my leadership style were two contributing factors to increased business results and overall success.  In this journey, there was…


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Aboriginal employment retention

Do Indigenous Recruitment Policies Work?

Craig Sams, Principal of Black Knowledge Training asks whether the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and Retention Policies work.

Most major organisations and government departments have Indigenous Recruitment and Retention policies that endeavour to bring the Indigenous component of their workforce to a rate comparable with the general Australian population. These policies were a direct result of the…


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Are Degrees Worthwhile? [Infograph]

Take a look at the results from our survey last week, the responses are surprising...

Are_Degrees_Worthwhile_ title=

Ben is the Chief Executive Officer of Employment Innovations (EI), he is also a qualified solicitor with a passion for business.

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Social engagement and reward and recognition – what does it do for your employees?

Happy employees = efficiency and loyalty.



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