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Is Zero Tolerance of Sexism Achievable at Work?


Julia Gillard has introduced a new parliamentary standard for calling out sexism and misogyny whenever she thinks she sees it, and it is zero tolerance. She also extended this standard to her own MPs, who were subsequently criticised for not leaving an ACTU event in Parliament House where sexist jokes…


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Turning downsizing and restructuring events into positive ROI

Restructuring and downsizing initiatives can expose some hidden dangers for companies. For instance, reputation and brand equity may be hit hard, plus there’s the ongoing challenge of retaining the right staff. However, with effective management it’s possible to create positive results for retention, company reputation and brand equity – even after the most difficult events.

The key to creating a positive outcome during career transitioning is to have a proactive approach to ROI.…


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Aboriginal employment retention

Do Indigenous Recruitment Policies Work?

Craig Sams, Principal of Black Knowledge Training asks whether the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Recruitment and Retention Policies work.

Most major organisations and government departments have Indigenous Recruitment and Retention policies that endeavour to bring the Indigenous component of their workforce to a rate comparable with the general Australian population. These policies were a direct result of the…


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Your Stressed Employee May Not be Suitable For The Job

Do you have an employee that is finding it stressful to fulfil their tasks and performance obligations?

Very often, when an employee claims that their work tasks or expected performance standards are causing them stress, employers tend to panic and immediately look at modifying their duties to avoid a claim for stress under the workers compensation system.

However, employers should not be too quick to modify or alter tasks for such employees without first referring back to that…


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A case study on using pot plants to increase employee engagement

Cultivating a culture of engagement can be achieved in a variety of ways and recently I can across an innovative method involving pot plants being used to great success by a local organisation. Here is their story. 

Sandra Taylor, the Development and Communication Officer from Teachers Union Health has started an “Appreciation project” that involves a number of…


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