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Spooky Parallels — HR and Marketing

I can’t pass up the timely opportunity to point out some spooky parallels between marketing and HR, as related to data and analytics. It stems from an event invitation I received titled “Analytics with a Purpose: The Human Edge of Big Data”. …


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Best Practice on a Budget

It’s a familiar situation: grad season starts with a bang, students are all back at uni, careers fairs are in full swing and graduate applications are coming in thick and fast. There’s that feeling of anticipation. Who will apply this year? Will we attract the best fit grads to our program? It’s exciting and daunting all at the same time. And then the reality of the selection and assessment process sets in. You have thousands of applications to evaluate and hundreds of grads to assess just…


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Making Culture a Business Issue

The global economy continues its gradual, albeit ‘uneven’ recovery and with that comes an array of responses and focus areas from organisations. Depending on industry sector, the point of the transformation journey, and the strategies undertaken to remain competitive, each organisation has a slightly different take on what’s needed for success. This has implications for the various strains of ‘performance culture’ work organisations are undertaking. The significant variations in what…


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Thought for the day and tomorrow


Today is the oldest you have ever been. Today is also the youngest you can ever now be. Tomorrow you'll be the wiser!

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The Structure of Disappointment (or even misery)

Is there a part of your work (or your life) where you are overplaying your strengths?  It is useful to consider that what can be a strength in one context can lead to frustration and upset in another.  

For example, there is a time and a place for following procedures to the letter; to ensure standards are met or to ensure we avoid falling foul of regulations.  Some people who have this as a strength are also very methodical and specific about planning and scheduling, but the trouble…


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10 aspects of HR that influence safety performance

Workplace Health and Safety is an issue that many HR professionals would prefer to leave well alone and leave to those in risk management or front line management roles.  After all, it is just a matter of compliance isn’t it?  Comply with legislation, comply with internal policies and procedures=safe workplace and management of financial and legal risk. …


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Don't Rate People, Develop Them.

If we are trying to develop teamwork in our workplaces, why do we rate people at performance appraisals? John is a 'three' out of five and Mary a 'five' for report writing.  Isn't it more…


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Can Success and Failure Be Predicted in Organisational Change?

In 2012, the Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict published an article entitled ‘Predicting Implementation Failure in Organizational Change’.

 In their meta-analysis of the literature, the authors identify 6 factors associated with implementation failure: poor decision making, inadequate risk analysis, unsupportive organisational culture, poor organisational alignment, low change readiness, and ineffective change…


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The Basic Rules Still Apply in Big Data

The 3 most important concepts to keep in mind

Readers of my blogs and articles know that my focus has often been on explaining Big Data. This Big Data phenomenon has quickly spread throughout the business world. Those who understand it well will be able to garner new insights that will give them a competitive advantage in their business activities. This is why I’ve focused on demystifying it and talking about how HR can start adopting this new technology to drive business results.…


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How Law & Order teaches you better interviewing skills

‘Objection! Leading the witness!

‘Objection! Speculation!'

‘Objection! Relevance?'

These lines are classic courtroom interjections I have heard in movie and TV dramas for as long as I can remember.

It's all designed to create greater dramatic tension. How true is it all to real life in a US courtroom? I don't know, as I have never been in one but I certainly enjoy watching the fictionalised courtrooms that the characters in the various…


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Are your emotions helping or hindering performance?

Your emotions are setting the standards in your business because the performance of your team is like a mirror of your inner state of consciousness.  If you want to change their performance you need to change the way you are thinking about it. 

The way you feel is being scrutinised on a day to day, if not on an hour by hour, basis by your people because their brains are hyper-sensitive to it.  It is not personal; it’s just the way human brains are wired.  

It was only as…


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Offer rejected? 8 ways to increase your acceptance rate

Recruiting successfully is not easy.  It can be time consuming, expensive, emotional, distracting from core business activities and ultimately hard work.  So imagine after weeks and weeks of searching, screening, calls, correspondence, interviews, follow-ups and difficult decision making, you finally decide to offer your preferred candidate.  You’re excited and relieved.  A…


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The issue that never goes away - employees or contractors?

The issue that never goes away – employees or contractors?


The perennial issue of whether a person is or should be engaged as a contractor or employee continues to baffle…


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You Can Do Big Data Right Now!

I spend a good amount of time reading about Big Data (after all, this is a Big Data blog), but even those who have a casual interest in it probably have noticed that for all the buzz, most of it is focused on what we will be able to do with Big Data — someday.

The vision and promise of how Big Data could transform every sector of business has been the focus of nearly every article, blog post and interview about Big Data. The vision and promise lie in the ability to make better…


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Developing Leaders Requires Content That Rises Above The Noise

Too much information, too much noise is not good for productivity or developing leaders. And for learning professionals, the task of getting the right information and knowledge to the corporate leaders amidst the cacophony of news and inputs makes the task even more daunting.

Our research* completed earlier this year revealed that as much as 80% of people are struggling…


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Ways to Implement Greener Habits in the Workplace

There are many changes that can be made to an office environment to help make business processes and day to day activity more eco-friendly, however to get office as green as possible it is imperative that employees are on side.

Research has found that people are twice as likely to describe themselves as being more…


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High performers: Born or made?

At the same time as I was reading a great article from FORTUNE (Why Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin) I was given a fascinating book written by Malcolm Gladwell (Outliers: The Story of Success, Penguin Group, 2009).

Both the article and the book examine successful people and they respectively argue how their individual successes are as the result of backgrounds and actions not greatly understood or acknowledged.

The article…


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"Can I give you some feedback?"

When was the last time someone said this to you?  It may have been your manager, a client, a peer, or a subordinate.  How did that question make you feel?  Nervous?  Anxious?  Defensive? Apprehensive?  Why do we always assume that feedback will be bad?  Maybe it’s because no one ever asks for your permission to give you good feedback, they just give it to…


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Are You In A Rabbit Warren Or A Helicopter?

It takes all types to make up a successful business.  I have a number of clients where one of the top team is the ideas person and there are others who make things happen.  I’ve always been intrigued by what makes these relationships successful - or fraught with difficulty. 

A while ago I was chatting with my wife, Pam, about her work.  She is a University Lecturer and Consultant in Quantitative Statistical Methodology which is a very academic field.  Put simply it’s about getting…


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Survey Reveals Deficiencies in Workforce Strategic Planning

Recent ground breaking research into the workforce strategy and people management practices of Australian organisations has revealed some alarming deficiencies. Advanced Workforce Strategies in conjunction with HR Daily, surveyed over 32 companies of various sizes (half of these companies had employee numbers between 1,000-5,000) across various industry sectors, both public and private.

A key conclusion from the research…


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