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Five things requisite to achieve a high ROI on coaching

Coaching is a big investment for the organisation and for the coachee. The costs go way beyond money which is the tip of the iceberg. So it makes sense that you take appropriate steps to ensure a high return for the organisation and the coachee. When the…


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How do you choose between two candidates?

How do you choose between two excellent candidates?

Much has been written about this topic – it’s a more common situation than you might think. And there are loads of ideas for how to go about it:

Toss a Coin? – Believe me, I’ve seen it.

There’s the Second Interview – “They can’t both be perfect every time? Can they?”

Or the…


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“Rock, paper, scissors: injury, illness or disability?”

In July 2015 the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (the Court) delivered its judgment in Huntly v State of NSW, Department of Police and Justice (Corrective Services NSW) [2015] FCCA 1827 (Huntly’s case).

The Court found that Corrective Services NSW unlawfully discriminated against Huntly and failed to make reasonable adjustments after she was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. As a result, the Court ordered that Corrective Services NSW pay Huntly, a former employee, more than $180,000…


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Time to KPI creativity in your leaders?

What gets measured gets done

It’s a mantra as old as the hills, but like most well-worn phrases, it also possesses a well-worn truth. I’ve recently been running a series of workshops with CEOs, MDs, GMs and other leaders in Australia and the UK. Essentially the workshop is a manifesto – an argument for my belief that successful leaders must…


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Beware generic WH&S


 Characteristic of or relating to a class or group of things; not specific.

Workplace Health and Safety can seem complex and overwhelming. In addition to this, meeting legislative requirements in terms of documentation can seem like a very costly exercise, particularly for small to medium business owners with…


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When did you last review your leadership development strategy?

One thing that developing leaders and gardening have in common is that they are not “set and forget” activities. An experienced gardener knows that regardless of how much planning and preparation they have done, things change constantly and they need to be able to respond to those changes. That is why they take stock of their garden on a regular basis.

Now for…


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What do I do with a demotivated employee?

It is true of most workplaces and teams that there will, from time to time be employees who are just demotivated. This is almost more frustrating than ongoing poor performance, because it is often so nebulous. It can be hard to…


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“It’s all about the process: What to consider in the Disciplinary Process”

As highlighted previously in our “Todd Carney” blog series: “The importance of procedural fairness – “it’s all about the process” and “Off the clock – employer interest in employee’s out of work conduct”, the main argument raised by Carney in his sacking from the Cronulla Sharks was that he was denied procedural fairness prior to his termination.

It is often tempting for employers, particularly when under external pressure (for example, from customers, clients, sponsors etc) to…


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Talent Tips - Re-defining your core values

Core Values are a set of beliefs and commitments which are ingrained in what we do both inside and outside of our workplaces. They guide our behaviour, decisions and actions and define the fundamental difference between what is right and what is wrong. As companies evolve and more people become a part of an organisation’s fabric, it is essential to periodically assess the…


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10 Traits of Highly Successful Speakers

Years of coaching, training, studying and presenting have taught me a…


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The Work-Life See-Saw

Where do you sit on this 21st Century debate of Work Life Balance?

I spoke to a male friend of mine recently;

For about 10 days he had been working ‘virtually’ (read - ‘from home’). This was because his wife had ducked off on a holiday to visit relatives overseas, leaving him with the…


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Is your HR brand sticky enough to sustain a satisfying career? Why unconscious personal branding can damage your HR career.

Coming up with a convincing personal brand is flouted as essential to sustaining career momentum.

As HR professionals, we know the importance of standing out in the job market and keeping tabs on where the industry is headed. We frequently dispense quality career advice to employees and candidates, but in the busy world of HR, we are often the first ones to neglect our own career needs.

Does this sound familiar to you?

In my work as a career counsellor, I shudder when…


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The Future Workforce - A lot to consider!

Change is happens, well I think so anyway. This makes it hard to predict the impact on the future workforce; however some specialists in this field have shared their predicted trends.  Building possible future scenarios and working them into workforce planning and HR strategies is important for businesses wanting to move forward successfully.   

One of the megatrends reported by Hay Group, effecting work, the workforce and the workplace is individualism.  When I read about this it…


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Don't consult with employees to tick a box

Isn’t it sad that at times we need legislation to tell us to communicate and consult with our employees – those that work towards achieving the vision and goals of the business.  Harsh!?  Maybe, but to be honest I bet you’ld rather not consult, haven’t consulted when you should have or tried to get out of consulting with your employees, at some stage.

Even if and when you do consult can you put your hand your heart and say it’s done genuinely?  What is forgotten, or not considered is…


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Is Compliance too much for business?

How about that as a conversation starter!  Whilst there are a number of Australian regulatory bodies that businesses come into contact with such; the Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Australian Securities Exchange, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australian Taxation Office and so on, I am not talking about compliance & regulation in its entirety and I am sure that is what Businesses Owners refer to when they make the comment, ‘Compliance is too much for…


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Time to Say Goodbye - Employee’s Failing to Give Notice

You may have seen on the internet some daring employees who choose to provide their employer’s notice of their resignation by interpretative dance, song and even cake! Whilst there are many ways that an employee can notify their employer of notice – what happens in circumstances where an employee does not provide proper notice of their resignation?

This is certainly a frustrating situation for many employers as they are left in the lurch by employees who simply walk out without regard…


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Integrity and Executive Team Performance

A team’s performance is built on a foundation of integrity. Just like a building, the bigger it is the deeper its foundations need to be, and those foundations need to have absolute integrity or the consequences will be catastrophic.

An executive leadership team’s accountability is an awesome ‘structure’ they have to build and/or manage and too often the level…


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Ignore "soft skills" at your peril!

The other day I heard the point of view that Australian companies are losing interest in developing their staff’s "soft skills" because they have their eyes set on a future where IT will streamline, facilitate or replace many of the functions that are currently seen as needing such skills. This was just one man’s opinion, but it is a dangerous and erroneous notion, and rang alarm bells for me, so at the risk of attacking a straw man, here is why failing to…


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Non-Financial Incentive Programs – What’s the fuss?

What are the non-financial benefits that attract people to your business AND keep them there? This question is becoming an increasingly debated topic as the 'War for Talent' rages on. As recruiters in an increasingly candidate short market one of our major challenges is in uncovering what companies are offering outside of a shiny new title, handsome salary increase and new office location. What has become really…


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You would like to nominate a position for a 457 visa - do you have a "Genuine Need"?

If you are a Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) approved Employer Sponsor, you may have experienced the nomination application process, where you seek to nominate a position within your business, which you would like to fill with a candidate that you choose to sponsor for a 457 visa.

This process, over the life of your approved sponsorship, may have processed relatively easily in the past.  However, more recently, at TSS Immigration, we are experiencing more…


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