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Digital transformation: A necessity now more than ever

Digital transformation is a topic that is being discussed very actively today. They say that in the new information era, companies have no future without it. But the essence of the phenomenon is still not clear to everyone: there are many definitions, and it is not known which of them is correct. We clarify this topic: we tell you what digital transformation is, what it is for, what it gives to the enterprise and what technologies are used in the process of…


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5 Steps to Starting Your Own Business

Before starting a business, you want to be sure you've done your homework, but you also understand that things will almost certainly go wrong. To run a successful business, you must be able to adapt to changing conditions.

Whether it's deciding on a business structure or building a comprehensive marketing plan, the work may quickly add up. Use this 5- step checklist to transform your concept into a profitable business instead of spinning your wheels and not knowing where to…


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Advice from the Fair Work Ombudsman - new sexual harassment protections

Some very useful and essential information for the Fair Work Ombudsman in relation to the new sexual harassment protections.

It is highly recommended that all employers are familiar with the changes that are aimed at making sure that workers are protected and empowered to address sexual harassment at work.

This CANNOT be ignored.

My advice to employers is make sure that you have all of the following;…


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The dimensions of diversity through an inclusive lens

Just as there are many different social stereotypes in the world, there are many dimensions of diversity and difference. And of course, they are all prevalent in the workplace. 

There is a growing trend, backed by research and insights, within the diversity and inclusion space to move away from focusing on types of difference in situ or the ‘traditional’ dimensions of diversity.  


Because it doesn’t really matter what…


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Red light, green light: Dismissals for temporary illnesses under the FW Act

Within the general protections of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act), there is a protection afforded to employees who are temporarily absent from work because of an illness or injury. Specifically, section 352 of the FW Act prohibits employers from dismissing an employee within the first three months of any absence from work due to an illness or injury.

The purpose of this protection is to recognise the inevitability that an employee might require time off…


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Words flying high: Commission critical of employer’s entirely email-based disciplinary process

Communication between the employer and employees is essential for a good working relationship. Poor communication in the disciplinary process may lead to a deficiency in the process which renders the dismissal unfair.

It is important that when conducting a disciplinary process, employers ensure that they make a proportionate and genuine attempt to communicate with the employee on their alleged conduct.

In the recent decision of Mr Roger Woods v LifeFlight Australia…


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Why don’t all office-based corporate roles pivot to a 4 day week?

In my own personal opinion only so much that there is NO drop in salary and a “remote working” annual bonus is paid to cover the employees purchase of home office incidentals like a blue screen cover for your work laptop, spiked single-sided office plastic mat for carpets so your five-spokes wheeled executive office chair can slide around seemlessly or the piece de resistance - a networked large monitor that wirelessly connects to your work laptop or notebook…


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Cultural load – Is it time to evaluate the load and who is bearing it?

The term ‘Cultural Load’ was brought to my attention by an article in HRM (July 2021) in reference to the “extra pressure” employers are (often unknowingly) placing “on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees by asking them to educate their colleagues”.

 Associate Professor Richard Frankland, Head of the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and Cultural Development at the University of Melbourne, defines ‘Cultural Load’ asthe invisible…


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Five mistakes leaders make that cause good employees to quit

Ask any good leader what their secret to success is and they will tell you it’s their people. The employees that show up day in and day out to do the work and drive the company forward.

But as a leader, how do you make sure that your team keep turning up engaged and motivated? You’d want to avoid making these five mistakes that often cause good employees to leave.

1. A lack of…


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81% of NSW and VIC SMEs have survived and plan to thrive after lockdowns

A new survey has revealed just how resilient Melbourne and Sydney SMEs have been during the current lockdowns. More than a quarter have not been impacted by the lockdowns at all, while 53 per cent say they will focus on bouncing back when restrictions ease.

The findings were derived from a survey of an independent panel of 161 SME business owners in NSW and Victoria, commissioned by Corporate…


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