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5 Essential Data Mining Skills for Recruiting

Job sites are really popular today for anyone to find the right job or for any firm to hire the perfect candidates. These sites, however, also house large quantities of aggregated data which provides good insights for job trends, salary levels, competitors‘ info and many others. While these job sites are overwhelmed with a massive volume of data, recruiters should know how to leverage and make full use of them…


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A Complete Guide to Web Scraping Job Postings

Why job data?


Throughout years of working in the web scraping industry and talking to users from all over the world, job data stands out as being one of the most sought after information on the web. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed until I came across …

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Adverse action claims – are we likely to see a spike?

With many businesses having considered reducing the size of their workforce, it seemed one of the most talked about topics was unfair dismissal claims. Businesses were keen to ensure that in response to the downturn in revenue their corresponding economic situation was justification alone for any dismissal being fair.

For what percentage of businesses did the Covid-19 lockdown…


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The 5 benefits your people need during this crisis

For many, 2020 has been far from the professional year they’d hoped. Between the Australian bushfires and Brexit, many employees the world over were already under pressure - yet now, it’s a completely different ballgame. 

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world like a tonne of bricks, and its impacts are being felt everywhere. As economies essentially grind to a halt, entire cities shut down and most people are…


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What to consider when creating a COVID-19 return to work plan

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing, one of the hottest topics for organisations is what a “return to work” will actually look like. How many people will be allowed in a lift? Is it the end of hot-desking? Do we need to update our workplace policies? The transition back to work is not simple, and many businesses may not know where to look for advice and support they can rely on.

While there's no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, here are some topics that leaders should consider…


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Standing down employees or worse? Here’s how to look after your people

These are certainly strange times we find ourselves in. Every day, more countries (and businesses) are shutting their doors. Whole industries are worried about their future, including anyone associated with travel, hospitality, and leisure. The virus is in almost every country on earth – and in almost everyone’s minds. 

While companies are currently scrambling to figure out what their future might look like, a lot of us in HR might have received the news we were dreading – that we’ll…


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How Often Have You Heard, ‘Post Covid-19 Lockdown We Need To Work Together’?

By the time employees return to the same worksite, this may be not just a ‘well worn’ cliché but a disregarded one. Catch phrases are memorable and repeatable but do they evoke the intended action?

When people are fearful, feeling even slightly threatened, uncertain or in any way unsafe, what is considered ‘good’ for the community is considered ‘not good enough’ for the individual.

We need to work together respectfully. All employees will say this expectation is a…


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How to Hire in 2020

Business as "Unusual"

Shopping centers, restaurants, and beaches are filling up again and Australia is preparing to return to work. But the Coronavirus Pandemic has seriously impacted the economy and for most of us, the environment has changed, leaving us with challenges we’ve never experienced before. Many business owners have been forced to close their doors and let go of their staff, and for those that have managed to survive, the workplace environment is far from…


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8 Powerful Ways to Market Your Local Brand

Marketing is a powerful tool that can help a brand position itself on the market and grow as a business. This is not an easy task and many companies fail to understand the importance of using more than one means to put themselves out there. New businesses also have to deal with a…


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How to effectively manage short-timer syndrome

If you’ve ever managed employees who are working out their notice period, you are likely to be all too familiar with short-timer syndrome. It’s a condition used to describe the significant drop in productivity that comes when an employee has decided or been informed that they are leaving your company.

While not all employees take on the “dead employee walking” persona, many do drop their level of care and commitment, preventing you from capturing critical information and contacts or…


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Stabilise, sustain and strive towards a new future: Managing change in a remote working world

A lot has been said about the pace and scope of change that much of Australia’s workforce has undergone over recent weeks and months. It’s understandable - we haven’t experienced change of this nature before, and few organisations are equipped to handle such a rapid shift to near-total remote working.

Under normal circumstances, major organisational changes are executed over several months. This gives HR professionals time to articulate what the ‘new world’ will look like in a…


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How to leverage the gig economy in the face of recession

By January 2023, 34% of all jobs will be provided by the gig economy according to statistics released in January 2019 (Robert Half)

For years there have been concerns about the casualisation of work and the resulting disempowerment of labour. Recent events during the COVID-19 crises have highlighted the flimsy rights of the casual workforce. In Australia, the recent case of WorkPack Pty Ltd vs Rossato [2020] FCAFC 84  clarified the distinction between permanent and casual employees…


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Workplace bullying in the time of COVID-19


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Five Effective Communication Strategies for Diverse Teams

In today’s workplaces, it’s common to find team members from all different parts of the world. The biggest challenge of managing cross-cultural teams is to ensure that no team members' contributions, skills and talents are hidden under cultural differences. Immigrants have always been a critical part of Australia’s workforce and their contribution is growing at a steady pace.…


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The Future of Working from Home

Tips for working from home effectively

Some people fantasise about working from the comfort of their own home. Whilst for others, it can set off alarm bells and a sense of dread. 

Whether your working from home situation is temporary or permanent, it's normal for anyone to take time to adjust to their new surroundings and adapt to the lack of colleagues walking around.

With more businesses offering employees the opportunity to work from home, what’s the real future of…


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Strategic Planning & The Future of Work and Workplaces

In a recent Forbes article Tracey Brower made ‘5 Predictions About How Coronavirus Will Change The Future Of Work’.

One prediction is that ‘Your…


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Eating out: Full Bench find UberEats delivery driver not an employee

In a significant recent decision, the Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) held that an UberEats delivery driver was not an employee, with the majority finding that the delivery driver was in fact an independent contractor (Gupta v Portier Pacific Pty Ltd; Uber Australia Pty Ltd t/a Uber Eats [2020] FWCFB 1698).

The delivery driver made an application to the FWC alleging that…


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Taking the high ground: FWC upholds dismissal of employee who stored marijuana equipment in the workplace

In deciding whether to take disciplinary action against an employee, it is important for employers to ensure that the employee is given a reasonable opportunity to provide a response or explanation before a final decision is made, particularly when it concerns matters that could result in summary dismissal.

This requirement for procedural fairness can prove to be difficult if an employee, when faced with…

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Cover me: Dismissed department Head fails in bid to be covered by modern award

The unfair dismissal provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) (FW Act) provide a mechanism by which employees who have been unfairly dismissed can seek a remedy through the Fair Work Commission (FWC). However, not all employees will be protected from unfair dismissal and able to make a claim.…

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Re-Entry without burning up

Re-entry without burning up

When a spacecraft re-enters the atmosphere, they have to get the speed and angle just right if they are to avoid burning up. We suggest this will also be the case when re-entering the workplace. Too much, too soon, and you’ll risk having a bunch of anxious and unhappy team members. You will need to have the right things in place, and the…


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