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Re-Entry without burning up

Re-entry without burning up

When a spacecraft re-enters the atmosphere, they have to get the speed and angle just right if they are to avoid burning up. We suggest this will also be the case when re-entering the workplace. Too much, too soon, and you’ll risk having a bunch of anxious and unhappy team members. You will need to have the right things in place, and the…


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The system is broken

Like most HR professionals, I have been on the dishing out end of grievances, disciplinary processes and investigations. As a licensed private investigator, I now investigate harassment, bullying and other complaints when required by clients. So I know my way around the law and the standard HR policies.

The standard code of conduct and ways of working policies have a dual purpose - to establish the framework for appropriate behaviours and to protect the organisation in the event that…


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Cultural Plasticity - How well have you adapted?

Those of us who can have now been working from home for close to a month so it’s time to assess, how well have you adapted? Organisations with “Cultural Plasticity” can adapt easily to change. These organisations are doing better than others in holding connection and engaging their employees.



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Business as unusual. Re-engaging teams in a post-Covid-19 workplace.

In the last few weeks there have been signs from both Federal and State Governments that Australia may soon start to emerge from the worst of the Covid-19 crisis. While there’s still much uncertainty – and no guarantee there won’t be more twists and turns – the roadmap for the easing of restrictions in coming months makes it an entirely…


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Fake news: Union ordered to pay $3 million for spurious safety claims

The regulation of industrial action in Australia is complex. Whilst there is a need to acknowledge the rights of employees to engage in industrial action, the overall effect of industrial action on an employer’s business operations cannot be understated. Strikes or work stoppages and delays can have serious financial and reputational consequences for a business.…


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Blame game: Experience of worker no excuse for not complying with work health and safety duty

In R v Sapform Pty Ltd [2020] NSWDC 86, the NSW District Court (the Court) has criticised a formwork company for attempting to blame a worker who died after he was impaled by a metal bar when he fell from a height.  The company was convicted and fined $450,000 for a Category 2 offence for the fatality.…


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Vexed variation: The FWC, COVID-19 and variations to redundancy pay

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has a vital role to play in the management of the current COVID-19 pandemic as it continues to impact employment relationships across the country.

One aspect of the FWC’s role is the determination of applications by employers to reduce the amount of redundancy pay payable to employees.

In making such…

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Opportunities of online meetings

Key Points:

  • Online meetings have led to lots of changes
  • Two positive opportunities are:
    • The chance for…

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"Seven commandments" for managing a remote workforce

Due to the measures taken by the Australian Government in regards to COVID-19, the prospect of managing a remote workforce has become a real proposition for most organisations at the moment. 

Here at Weploy we have formed an internal COVID-19 Response Management team that meets on a daily basis to review new information; re-evaluate our protocols to appropriately reflect the current state of the health concern in each of…


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Remote Communication – Best practice tips for staying productive, engaged and connected

Remote teams are the future of work. The Global Mobile Workforce Forecast Update estimates that over 40% of the world’s working population will be mobile by 2022. In highly developed countries, the figures could soon reach 75% (International Data Council (IDC)).

With social isolation measures in the management of Coronavirus, remote communication is now more important than ever. The way that we have been compelled to quickly embrace remote communication means that it has not been…


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Is COVID-19 the same for everyone? The unevenness impact

With COVID-19 in full swing, there’s a lovely sentiment that ‘we’re all in this together’, but is that really true? Is COVID-19 – or any pandemic or national crisis – really the same for everyone, or does it hit some of us worse than others?

Some Background

Diversity as we see it, is the range of human difference and…


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Your Home Office Checklist

A calm, quiet and safe space from which to work is a basic right for each and every one of our Weployees, but at the moment we’re having to create these spaces for ourselves, at home.


Unfortunately we don’t have Office Admin staff, cleaners or receptionists to help us recreate the same environments we’re used to in the workplace, and there are things we cannot always control when it comes to our home environments... but we aim to set everyone within our community up for…


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Which is Better, Chatbots or Humans?

We live in a world where digital technology is second nature. Options include remote car starters from your phone, doorbell cameras to alert you of your neighbourhood moves, and even virtual doctor visits. These options are easy, quick, and come with the click of a button. But when there is a question or concern, what do we do as consumers? The same digital access that grants us 2-day shipping and zero human interaction may lack the answers a customer needs when a problem arises. So the…


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The 5 Things You Need To Do To Lead Your Team Through Change And Uncertainty

It’s a turbulent time. The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread and the majority of people are working from home. Some might be used to it; maybe they do it once a week. Others might have never worked from home before, so it can take a little time to adjust.

Either way, it can be stressful trying to navigate these changing and uncertain times. It’s just as important for you to check in regularly with not only…


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Comms Fatigue Causes Chaos

Essential info:

  1. We’re all suffering from communication overload
  2. Give a highlights tour of what needs to be known…

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How to improve your team's collaboration tool adoption during remote working

During challenging times, when your workforce can’t work as they usually do, remote working could be the difference between your operations continuing or suffering.

But getting the right technology, connectivity and security in place is only half of the challenge. The other half is to make sure your people are ready and able to use the solutions and tools you have.

We’re seeing how quickly HR teams are responding to the impact of Coronavirus as they…


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Send me your location? Staying connected while working from home

The coronavirus pandemic has not only upended our social and family lives, for many of us it has also required us to fundamentally change the ways that we work, including working remotely. When once employees could meet up to collaborate on projects, or chat face to face with each other, employees have now been confined to their homes, physically working in isolation.…


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General Protections Applications – How To Successfully Defend A Claim From A “Probationary Period” Employee

General Protections Applications – When an employee who has been working just a few weeks for a business doesn’t work out – they may get disgruntled.  They may be simply poor performers, have a bad attitude or simply are not a good fit.  A probationary period was built for this very reason to give an Employer options to terminate the employment of an employee if it becomes apparent they won’t work out.

But – – What if an employee during this short period of time also made complaints…


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Order up: FWC refuses to stay dismissal despite stop bullying application

The power of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) to make orders in applications for stop bullying orders is unique. While the ambit of the FWC’s power is broad, in that it can make any orders that it considers appropriate (other than orders providing for monetary compensation), those orders must be directed at preventing or stopping workplace bullying.

A question that has arisen in recent decisions…


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Reduce uncertainty, work on your conversation culture!

There are some advantages when work changes in a tremendously dramatic way... It means you get to talk about it! It means you can set up some ground rules for how you are going to operate now and gives everyone a little more certainty. It’s like pausing momentarily to check…


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