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Why Trademarks Are Important for Your Business

Trademarks are all around us. Each day we are dealing with trademarks, it’s another way of referring to brands.

Trademarks or brands are always influencing consumer purchasing decisions. So, why are they so important? It's critical that owners, investors and employees all have a good understanding of why a trademark is so important.

Here are the top…


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‘Tis the season to be jolly sensible

The office Christmas party can be a great place to unwind, celebrate your wins and socialise with your staff and work colleagues. But unwind a little too much, or fail to act on employee’s complaints about inappropriate behaviour towards them, and your business, culture and potentially bottom line can take a big hit.

Every January and February there is a rise in policy changes, health and safety audits, investigations, disciplinary action, and subsequent dismissals as a result of…


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Crossing the Line: Flirting vs Sexual Harassment

The recent media attention on sexual misconduct in Hollywood is a turning point; what may have been considered 'innocent flirting' in the 70s and 80s is increasingly being called what it is - unwanted harassment. The public condemnation of film mogul Harvey Weinstein's conduct has emboldened people to come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against other celebrities, in what some have described as the 'Weinstein…


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The Essential Traits of Intelligent Leaders

Intelligent leaders have confronted and analysed their fears and concerns. They no longer let such things unconsciously trigger emotional and reactionary decision-making behaviours from within them. They use mindfulness to be aware of every moment and every minute decision that flows from being alert to capture every thought they have and then constructively craft every comment and action they take.

Intelligent leaders support…


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Sexual Harassment Investigation

With the increasing publicity surrounding sexual harassment in Hollywood and the #MeToo campaign it may only a matter of time before there is an increase in the reporting of sexual harassment complaints in the workplace, is your organisation ready to deal with complaints?

Responding promptly and correctly is in the best interests of victims and the organisation.  For the organisation or business failing to deal with complaints can result in costly litigation,…


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A 4 Step Framework for One-on-One Catch Ups for People Leaders

It’s important for managers to check in on their staff in regular one-on-one catch ups. But without a process or structure, these conversations can be quite transactional. In this post (and this podcast episode), we explain how we help managers pave the way to far more valuable and effective catch ups using four steps and five additional tips.

Step 1 - Follow…


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How to make flexible working work for you

Think flexible working will hurt your bottom line? A recent study found flexible workers were more, not less productive, than their peers. So how can you make it work in your workplace?

Flexibility is no longer a nice to have, it’s the law. But, more than that, it actually helps enable more engaged, more productive workers who can help you achieve your business goals. So how do you build the benefits of flexible working into your workplace? Read on to find…


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Make sure you don’t overlook this critical step in your employee onboarding process

So, you’re doing your homework on employee onboarding and preparing new starter kits infused with your company’s values. You also want to mastermind an onboarding process that even the tech giants would be proud of. As we mentioned in an earlier post, it’s so important to…


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Introducing the New World of Recruitment

Alistair Cox, CEO of Hays, recently shared some interesting insights on a new model of recruitment, which I’d like to share with you here. He wrote:

“In my ten years as CEO of Hays, I have never seen the world of recruitment and staffing evolve as rapidly as it is today.

I’m sure many of you can remember the days when sourcing staff involved advertising a role in a newspaper and waiting for applications to arrive in the post. Then came the rise of internet – which…


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Building Influence - Don’t you know that it’s different for girls?

You learn something new every day. I recently met with female leaders in two Australian banks who are very interested in my upcoming Building Your Influence Webinar and my book, ‘Time To Shine’. Intrigued, I asked them if there was a specific reason the thinking resonated. Both thought that women in particular are looking for help in standing out. The language of ‘Your Time To Shine’ is spot…


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A Free and Easy Way to Improve Google Ranking

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results. Millions of bloggers and businesses compete wildly for the chance of a first-page result for keywords relevant to their website, or at least they want to rank in the charts as higher as possible so that they could get more organic traffic.


A study by Infront Webworks showed that the first page of Google…


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What Sort of Workplace Incidents Do Not Warrant a Formal Investigation?

Continuing our series of short videos on the subject of workplace investigations. It’s a subject that’s often misunderstood and even mishandled by leaders, managers and HR personnel. Today’s question...

What is an example of an incident that doesn't warrant a formal investigation?…


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5 Tips to Effectively Influence ‘Feelers’

Influencing is an important skill for anyone, especially people leaders. In this post, we continue our discussion on Influencing, focusing our attention on how best to address those with the personality style of ‘Feeler’. Let’s be clear again - this isn’t about manipulation. It’s about how delivery of a message is integral to how it’s received. To influence someone with a…


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First Impressions - You don't get a second chance

Most of us at some point in our lives have had an interview experience where we just didn’t connect with the other person, we can’t quite articulate why but the meeting didn’t ‘gel’ as well as we had hoped.
There are so many variables as to whether a meeting goes well or badly that you can’t possibly plan for them all but some research says its takes six 2nd impressions to change a first impression, so it pays in the long run to get it right the…

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On the Hunt for the Best Employees? Try These 8 Strategies

Recruiting, pouring over resumes, narrowing down for interviews, going through those interviews, and finally making a selection. This is the standard process for finding a new employee. You may be posting the opening on large job boards, in which case, you will probably receive hundreds of resumes to pour through. After a while, they all look the same, and you wonder if there…


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How the cloud helped Perisher beat a HR avalanche

Ever wonder how seasonal employers keep up with the major shifts in hiring? As the largest ski resort in the Southern Hemisphere and the most popular in Australia, Perisher has to ensure it brings on the best talent to keep its stellar reputation.

For a business that is reliant on seasonal activity, their base level of 150 can quickly jump to 1,350 staff during peak period, which means a huge focus on HR and recruiting leading up to the winter season. 

While 700 of their…


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Workplace Party Pitfalls and Perils (A Christmas Story)

At a time when workers increasingly work remotely, communicate online or use hot desks, the annual staff Christmas party is a valuable opportunity to get everyone interacting face to face. 

A Christmas party is also a good way of getting staff who rarely see one another during the working week to meet, to reward staff for hard work, to celebrate the success of the past year, and to motivate employees…


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Future proofing your recruitment needs

At Teamfinder we work with businesses, not just on solving their short term recruitment needs, but also helping them to implement a long term recruitment strategies.  We often find that businesses are to busy worrying about their immediate recruitment requirements, that they have not worked on a strategy to future proof their recruitment needs. 

The benefits of implementing a recruitment strategy can range from providing you with a steady stream of job ready candidates, through to…


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Romantic relationships in the workplace

It's a legit relationship, so why is it anybody else's business?

There has been a lot of debate recently around the impact and consequences of romantic workplace relationships. In the AFL two senior managers lost their…


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Influence Through Preparedness and Tangible Takeaways

Today we’re sharing insights about the benefits of preparing tangible takeaways before heading into an exchange with a team member (or a colleague for that matter). We’ve recently come across several situations where we’ve helped leaders prepare for a variety of responses heading into a conversation. Invariably we’ve found that presenting visual materials or specific evidence to back up points or demonstrate intent has successfully influenced outcomes. Here’s how. You can listen to the …


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