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Never stop learning - Become the Master of the human resource management

People are a company’s most valuable asset. As a human resources manager, you are in charge of keeping that asset available and treasured. The company relies on you to deal with interpersonal problems among employees and between employees and employers. As you are dealing with constantly evolving people, learning is absolutely a part of your job. Improving on some of these fronts will increase your effectiveness as a mediator.…


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How To Build A Career As A Board Executive

I often get approached by people looking to build a career as a board director. Many are just starting out, while others might already have one or sometimes two board roles, and are looking to grow a full portfolio to keep them occupied after retiring from their executive life.

Other times people have a desire to move into a board career earlier in their life. The good news is there are more opportunities than ever as the desire for diversity increases, not only in…


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Overcoming Unconscious Bias

When conducting investigations or otherwise making determinations in the workplace, it is essential to avoid bias, whether conscious or unconscious. It is equally important to avoid a situation where co-workers believe decisions made in the workplace are biased - whether real or perceived.


Unconscious bias may take a number of different forms,…


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Improving Employee Recognition: 5 Thoughtful and Sincere Ideas

Most people are not willing to go the extra mile if they don’t feel appreciated. Would you want to work for a boss who never acknowledged your effort or said “thank you” if you worked late for free? No, of course, you wouldn’t.

Employees are…


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Leadership And The Trickle Down Effect Of Culture On Your Organisation

What if the Board and Senior Management/Executives really knew what the culture of the organisation was like – not just globally but at individual team levels?

What if the Board and Senior Management at Executive level and were acutely aware of exactly how the culture was impacting on the ability of staff to deliver on or fulfill their individual role in the business?

What if the Board and Senior Management at Executive level were acutely aware of how ultimately the total sum…


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Where Do You Sit: Above The Line Or Below The Line?

This post is about one of the most impactful behavioural models we've come across in the last 18 years. It’s called ‘above the line and below the line’ where the line represents choice. We can choose to operate either above the line or below it. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is. But in its simplicity, lies its strength.

One of the reasons this tool is so impactful is that it brings values to life in a…


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Employee-centric Approach to Automation: How to Make it Work

The market may be at its most competitive right now, but there are still a lot of opportunities for businesses to grow. The changes happening enable small and medium-sized businesses to compete with larger corporations.

An increasingly competitive…


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Personal-IT - Personal devices in the work context


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I'm no Wonder Woman - Supporting the mental wellbeing of business leaders

Reports estimate that 45% of Australians will experience a mental health condition at some stage in their lifetime and the mental health and wellbeing of employees is recognised as a significant workplace issue.

Businesses and regulators have now acknowledged that psychosocial hazards should be managed as a safety risks and that employers have work health and safety duties in relation to psychological…


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