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How To Identify People For Leadership Positions

This is a question that comes up in various polls, groups and expert Q&A’s on social media boards repeatedly and often. You would think since the Industrial Revolution we would have evolved and managed to understand this fully, and in practice, yet still we have not come so far.

Is it that leaders themselves are ignoring the guide lines and research? Now more than ever, there is a plethora of free information out on the internet to answer this question.

So here we go again…


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What To Do When An Employee Wants To Work From Home

Should Companies re-think allowing employees to work from home? It seems these days, for many companies, you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

However in light of a recent ruling forcing Telstra to compensate an employee working from home who in 2006, after falling down a flight of stairs in her home, injured her shoulder, is giving employers the nudge to re-think their approach to flexible work practices.

The Administrative Appeal…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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St. Nicholas & the Christmas Season

St. Nicholas is Santa’s real name. St. Nicholas, who was a 4th Century bishop in Turkey, is patron saint of children, sailors, bakers, pawn-brokers and Russia, among other things. We have been celebrating St. Nicholas Day, which falls on 6th December, for many years, and its become a tradition among our family and friends to meet every year on St. Nicholas Day to mark the beginning of the Christmas…


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Women in leadership – can we “have it all”?

I recently met an incredibly motivated and driven female leader.  She is dedicated, loves the company she works for, thrives on feedback to improve and wants to achieve top performance status every year at her annual review.  In discussing her career and future plans – she stopped mid sentence and admitted that having a baby was on…


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Blogging over the Christmas/New Year break

This week I'll be promoting HR Daily Community blog posts on Thursday, as we're publishing a special end-of year wrap in HR Daily on Friday. That will be our final edition for the year, and we'll resume publishing on Monday 23 January.

Over the Christmas/New Year break we welcome continued blogging on the HR Daily Community by its current members. We'll do a wrap of these posts on Friday 27 January.

New memberships requested during this time will require approval, which may…


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7 Must Knows Of Hiring Generation 'Me' (aka Gen Y)

Let’s face it, many of us have heard the stories with disbelief and some times mortification of an outrageous demand or spoiled-brat attitude of a Generation Y encounter in the workplace. Baby boomers and Generation X’ers mutter ‘It never would have happened in ‘my day’ or chuff quietly to themselves at the ‘cute’, but gullibly over-ambitious statement by a younger Gen Y that they intend to be Vice President of Marketing, next year, with only 2 years experience out…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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The Tug o’ War Over Social Media Contact Ownership – Five Ways An Employer Can ‘Muscle’ Up!

The argument continues and still there is no clear cut answer. Just who has legal ownership over contacts built up in an employees LinkedIn or Facebook account? Is it their personal account or the employers entitlement?

We now see increasing litigation starting to occur between employees and employers over the use of social media in the context of damaging employer reputation and perceived employee misconduct when employees have posted disparaging,…


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What will another global crisis means to the Australian job market?

Predictions for the next global meltdown are coming thick and fast - so what does that mean for us on the employment front?

It's no secret that there are a number of industries feeling the pinch - retailers have been suffering for quite a while. Is there more to come?

The pundits would have you think that the answer would have to be yes. Predictions of bigger problems in Europe (that's no secret) with a flow on effect to Australia is what we're hearing.  If that happens, where…


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Great posts - keep them coming!

Just a quick note to highlight some of the more popular recent content on HR Daily Community.

Nicole Underwood's post on how to spice up weekly meetings and Liza Garrido's on resignation triggers have had more than 2000 visits each, while Karen Schmidt's post…


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Celebrate diversity within your organisation

A lack of gender diversity at senior levels is an issue facing many businesses around Australia, with everyone from the Prime Minister to the media weighing in on the debate.


Solutions have been suggested, such as board quotas and leadership position targets, to increase the number of women in leadership or executive positions in Australia.  A recent survey of 134 businesswomen by Telstra…


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Australia Behind The Rest Of The World: Lessons To Learn On Strategic Human Resources Outsourcing…

North American and European organizations, are leading the way in adopting significant outsourcing of strategic HR initiatives, taking a new approach. Australia’s mid-sized companies have had a cautious stance on the subject for a long time, believing that larger or multi-national organizations are the only ones who would benefit from strategic Human Resources outsourcing due to greater economies of scale.

This is gradually changing, yet Australia is…


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Mistake Recovery Guide: What To Do When You Stuff Up Big Time...

Mistake Recovery Guide: What To Do When You Stuff Up Big Time..

So you are at that moment of realization that you have just made a mistake.  It’s not just a small indiscretion, but it is an orbital heart-stopper. Your blood runs cold and amazingly you break out in sweat at the same time. You visualize your bosses eye’s popping out of their head with fury.

We have all at one time or another in our career made a…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

What's holding you…


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Having trouble with employee surveys? Then read on…

Let’s face it, nobody really likes surveys.

If you are asked to complete one, you can feel confronted. You may worry about whether your honesty will backfire. If you see many surveys hit your inbox, one more survey can feel like “just another HR thing.” You give it a half-hearted response as you fly out the door.

Many of our clients experience this. Engaging people presents many challenges. So we’ve decided to feature some insights from our long-term clients. We hope this will…


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