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How the restaurant industry will be changed by the coronavirus

The global pandemic has affected all of our lives in one way or another. Our private lives and professional endeavors have mostly taken a hit. What would have been considered abnormal has become normal today. Many preventative measures have been taken in an attempt to mitigate the effects of this contagious disease. Many industries are pushed into new territories, ones that we have never trodden upon. One of these industries taking the brunt of it is the…


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Coronavirus Quarantine: Ergonomics Tips for Working From Home

As you already know, millions of people had to leave their offices and move to the home environment once the Coronavirus pandemic started. Even though working from home has numerous benefits, it can potentially cause some issues, too. Back pain and bad posture are just some of them, so keep on reading if you want to learn how to prevent these. Here are five useful ergonomics tips you should bear in mind, so check them out and learn something new…


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4 Hot Tips For HR From An Employment Lawyer In 2021

The post pandemic landscape has meant a number of challenges for Employers and HR.  As an Employment Lawyer human resources department ask for assistance on a range of matters.

Here are some quick wins for HR for 2021.

Tip 1 – Performance Management Training

Some companies have seen a spike in productivity and others have seen productivity limited.  It is important to understand the unique problems that have…


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Top 3 Challenges HR Leaders Are Facing

Human resource is rife with challenges. It is always dealing with urgent issues. The issues, however, are common; they just need immediate attention. The current situation is unprecedented and has thrown employers off their track. Leaders are caught off guard and are working to do their best. 

COVID-19 has forced organizations and…


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Reflect & Rejuvenate for 2021

It goes without saying that 2020 is going to be a year that will go down in the history books. Of course, we are all acutely aware of the large-scale changes that the pandemic year resulted in. I am sure I am not alone in looking forward to the day that Covid-19 is not the number one subject of news reports, Twitter posts, parliamentary debate, and press conferences. 

While the pandemic was ‘unprecedented’ for so…


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HR’s role in COVID-normal workplaces…

Without a doubt, 2020 has been a challenging year for most people. A year where it forced people to adapt to new realities and challenges, whether positive or negative. From a workplace perspective, HR functions needed to rapidly pivot in uncharted ways in response to COVID-19. Agile HR professionals had to adapt to a new mindset and various working methods…


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Creating an Environment that Will Inspire Productivity in Your Employees

As a business owner or manager, you are certainly aware of how important your workforce is for the overall success of your company. They are the ones who keep everything running on a day-to-day basis, which is why you have to provide them with a workplace that will ensure they are productive and happy. Keep on reading for some essentials when it comes to creating a productive work environment.…


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Workplace Design: How to Make Your Company Appealing for Millennials

Baby boomers have ruled the labor market for the past three decades. However, millennials are slowly taking over, as nearly three-quarters of the labor force will be comprised of millennials by 2025.

The generation that grew up in the…


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The Respect@Work Report and the Need for Action in 2021 (by my fellow Director, Jodie Fox at Worklogic)

The Respect@Work Report was released in March of this year (which in 2020 feels like ten years ago, rather than ten months).

The report, which was the product of two year’s work, over 500 submissions, and 60 sessions of consultation across the nation, was released by the…


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Last Chance to Avoid Casual Worker “Double-Dipping” Disaster

Leave entitlements to be challenged in the High Court after the Federal Government’s epic fail in Federal Court

The High Court has granted special leave to WorkPac, a labour-hire company, to challenge a landmark court ruling that accepted some casual workers are entitled to permanent employee leave entitlements.…


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Getting A Second Job During COVID-19 – 3 Lessons For Employers

Is your employee getting a second job?

Employees getting second jobs. As Employment Lawyers we have been asked to advise on this issue which has now come before the Fair Work Commission.

In order to adjust to COVID-19, many employers have required employees to work reduced hours. Positions which have previously been full-time have been varied to part-time, or even casual. Some businesses are also still receiving Jobkeeper payments, allowing the employer to…


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The Importance Of Managing Change For Each Individual Team Member

We all have a bias towards certainty, some more than others. For many, certainty means security and comfort. It means not having to acknowledge the fear we find in the prospect of change. It might mean we have to let go of how hard we’ve worked to reach this point of comfort and to keep the status quo. It might appear too complex and taxing to plan for and adapt to the change. Or, we may enjoy what we are doing at work and the way we are doing it.

Managing change…


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The six biggest mistakes employers make through redundancy

One of the most significant factors in how well an employee takes restructuring news and moves on from their redundancy is how you, their employer, handle the situation.

When you handle it right and give your employee the compassion, respect and support they need, you will part ways in a healthy and positive way that will ensure you both move on successfully. But do it wrong, you can be paying for it for a long time. To help you avoid the latter, here are the six biggest mistakes…


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Avoiding employee burnout at Christmas

The festive season is a joyous time of year. But coming at the end of 12 long months (particularly the 12 months we’ve all just had thanks to the pandemic), senior managers and HR departments need to remain especially vigilant. For it can also be a challenging time for hard-working employees who may have one eye on taking a…


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Procedural fairness in investigations of reportable conduct allegations (by my colleague Brooke Hall)

A reportable conduct investigation is necessarily different, and can sometimes be more complex to navigate, than other types of workplace investigations.

In a reportable conduct context, it is obviously imperative that the investigator ensures all children are provided the opportunity to be involved (unless there is a very good reason that they are not) and that they are provided with a supportive and comfortable environment to report their concerns and/or their version of events.…


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