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Leadership Quality No 2 - Empowering by Detachment

Detachment can seem like a cold clinical state to be in.  People who are detached often don’t appear to be involved or engaged.  However in some instances, you have to detach in order to reframe your thinking, beliefs and way of being if your current way of attaching to a person, situation or belief is not serving you well.  This week’s article discusses when detaching can be healthy and the alternative healthy way of relating which can lead from detachment and empower you to lead yourself…


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Teamwork, Attitude and Training

Good call...

"Most potential teams can become real teams, but not without taking risks involving conflict, trust, interdependence, and hard work. For example, a common team purpose, set of performance goals, and approach rarely arise without conflict. Indeed, quite the contrary - the most successful teams recognise their members' conflicting views and experiences as a source of strength. Similarly, mutual accountability requires trust and interdependence, which usually do not grow…


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Third Age: boomers and workplace flexibility

This is the story of the birth of a 'third age', of liberation from orthodoxy in our 50s, 60s and 70s.

Over the next 20 years or so, almost six million boomers, born between 1945-64, will enter a period life that their parents once called 'old age'.

This was a time of sunset reflections, tending the roses and wandering in the twilight Elysian Fields of dodgy memory. Advances in medical science and technology means baby boomer women can expect to live, on average, to 85 and men…


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Create a culture of effective conversations in your workplace

Strong, productive workplace relationships rely on people having effective, timely conversations. Organisations which encourage diverse conversations - conversations about expectations and support, praise and acknowledgement as well as feedback and confrontation - are healthy organisations. No performance management system, psychological diagnostic, or development plan can replace a regular mindful…


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Managing Virtual Teams

I live in Melbourne and in my opinion Melbourne is at its best in autumn. The sun is shining, the air is cool and crisp and the trees are a sight to die for – lane ways of yellow, fire orange leaves glowing through the sun. For those that also live and work in Melbourne, you will know exactly the magic I am talking about and will be able to picture the story I am telling you – you’ve seen it, you’ve felt it, you get it! For those of you that have never been to…


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What Do Employees Want?

A new report by Randstad suggests that female and male employees have different priorities when considering a job role. While this may not come as a surprise, the strong divide of priorities is worth bearing in mind when thinking of recruitment and retainment. Meeting the needs of all employees will help to…


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Boomers good for business

The low birth rates in the 1980s and 1990s, under funding of TAFE in those years and the relative disinterest by younger generations to learn a trade, means that the supply for skilled labour can’t keep up with demand.

The market is blind to appearances. The only colour that matters is the black ink written in the profit column of the spreadsheet, and in the current labour market, experience counts.

Older workers are working longer. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics…


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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Why it Helps to Be Human


Here’s the good news:

Every organisation or individual can achieve a high rating on Google and the other search engines.

Here’s the other news:

You’ve got to be a good writer and like people, language and communication. You’ve got to work intelligently and…


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Will the Real (and Successful) Performance Management Step Forward?


When I conduct leadership or management training programs I am always curious to see how participants define the term “Performance Management”.  Many have described “performance management” as needing to deal with staff when staff are under performing and need their performance managed. Some have even used the saying “putting them in the naughty corner”.

 I cringe! 

In the late 80’s when I was in Corporate Human Resources…


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Leading in Tough Landscapes

Imagine that your life as a leader is like taking an expedition across a vast, awesome and never ending mountain range.

You journey across all types of terrain and weather, with constant changes to the Expedition team and goals. Sometimes the expedition is incredibly inspiring, sometimes terrifying, often laborious but always continuing – through all…


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Leadership Quality No 1 - Gaining Freedom by Taking Responsibility

Sometimes it's just easier to blame others and we all do it at times.  The problem is when we blame others, we disempower ourselves from our ability to get clear and do something to change our situation.  It was a lesson I learned harshly and firmly, but was one of the most empowering learning curves I've experienced.  

Today in a couple of separate encounters, one with a 14 year old girl and the other a 40 year old man, I heard how they had recently…


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Tough Conversations

When I start thinking about the term ‘tough conversations’, it brings to mind the movie  ‘Iron Lady’ with visions of Meryl Streep playing a very committed Margaret Thatcher taking stances on trade unions and driving through  violent riots. On reflection, I wonder if this is because the movie is so memorable, or because we’ve become programmed to expect a fight when we think of having ‘tough conversations’ in the workplace.



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How to Motivate Your Staff

There are multiple, worldwide organisations which are solely dedicated to bringing results to businesses that are desperate to motivate their employees. Whether it’s in order to drive sales higher or improve customer service relationships, all corporate objectives can be linked back to the will to pump up…


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What Does Sport Teach Us?

Every 4 years, the Olympic Games bring sport into sharp focus across the world, and in most ways the Games are the highest expression of human sporting prowess and endeavour that we have.

Why do we participate in and honour sport so much, and what does it teach us about the rest of life and work?

The Olympic Games are a celebration of being human. They symbolise and encapsulate competition and…


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Married to the Job? 6 Principles of Commitment

After the retirement of a respected and long serving senior leader, his new bright-eyed replacement newly selected for the position visited the team.  The arrival of the thirty-something female whose career had been fast paced and widely reported was met with eager anticipation.  Not only was she completely different from the outgoing leader; she had a liveliness about her, which together with her highly acclaimed reputation, gave off an air of professional brilliance.

Upon her…


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Experience an asset as labour market changes

Australian businesses need to train and retain their older workers as well as hire mature age candidates.

There is considerable evidence that mature age workers deliver a net benefit of $1956 per year according to the report Business, Work and Ageing, ‘Profiting from maturity: The social and economic costs of mature age unemployment.’

Compared to other workers, older workers have high retention rates, lower absenteeism, decreased recruitment costs and greater return on…


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Fifteen things about the Australian labour market you probably didn't know

Each year the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) releases a variety of reports that provide an overview of the state of the labour market. One of the most comprehensive, and interesting, of these reports is their annual Australian Jobs report.

 Here are my fifteen random extracts from that report:

1.  In the five years between…


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The boomers - working longer

In a world of change, of fiscal gaps, demanding KPI’s, of never-ending audits and the parry of organisational politics, one struggles to find good news. But it’s coming from an unlikely source – your HR department.

In the next forty years Australia’s organisations – both great and small – will no longer repel younger workers because they have ‘no experience’. Nor will older workers in there 50s and 60s be forced to retire or fail to be hired because they were ‘too qualified’ or ‘might…


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[PART 2] "Warning, Warning" - Taking Account of Past Workplace Sins When Disciplining Employees

In Brief

In Part 2 of our discussion about the recent Patrick Stevedores1 case, we consider whether the actions of an employer over a prior disciplinary warning can be called into question in a later dismissal case by Fair Work…


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Nice Leaders don't Empower People

An authentic leader is someone who empowers rather than dominates, and they also know that at times their job requires the right amount of demand on others for them to be effective. 

The difference is that the demand isn’t coming from a narrow self-interest – like the leader’s concern for how they look to the Board or the Shareholders, it stems from a desire to truly empower others.  It’s authentically coming from their concern for the team winning, and the individuals in that team…


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