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Seek and you shall find age prejudice

Lets go on a journey together and using the Seek online jobs site wander through the bits and bytes of the virtual employment market and discover how some recruiters and their clients favour prejudice over experience.

Seek has about 70 per cent of Australia’s online job listings. Unfortunately, in my experience, it takes little action to remove ageist or discriminatory recruitment ads.

It states that under its terms and conditions that “You (the advertiser) agree that it is a…


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Setting boundaries in the workplace

Some may find the concept of workplace boundaries a challenging notion given a boundary can’t be seen, but their importance shouldn’t be underestimated. In fact, understanding and working within defined boundaries can help you to thrive at work. 

What is a workplace boundary?

The definition of a professional boundary can best be described as understanding a colleague’s need for space, setting limits, determining acceptable workplace behaviour and creating a sense of…


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Mid-Winter Check In: Simple Ways to Drive Up Employee Engagement

August. Part way through the calendar year, and smack dab in the middle of Winter. To ensure your organisation doesn’t lose sight of the goals and objectives set earlier in the year, now is the perfect time for a mid-year check in to review progress-to-date with employees. These discussions can help to ensure employees are engaged in their work and provide a proactive channel for addressing any issues that may be hindering progress on goals.

Consistently engaging employees in…


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Human Resources & Innovation

Innovation and Creativity articles dominate the July issue of HR Monthly, the official magazine of AHRI, Australia’s peak Human Resources body.

Like businesses and organisations the world over, who are increasingly recognising that innovation and…


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Fair Work Act Review Report handed down

For those of you with some spare time, the 294 page Fair Work Act Review Report  was released today. 

Whilst I have not yet had time to review the report in any detail, I understand that 53 amendments have been proposed,…


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Do You Understand Your Millennials?

Generational theories are commonplace in today’s working world, as workplaces fast approach…


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Do your interviews stink? 10 ways to turn pro

This week I met with a promising new client. They have a handful of vacancies, one position that has been vacant for 3 months and another that they have interviewed 30 candidates for (yes, face to face) and still haven’t found the right candidate. Hmmmm…. Houston we have a problem!

The managers are pulling their hair out as it…


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5 Tips for Recruiting, Retaining & Engaging the Right Team

We asked 5,000 business owners, managers and HR professionals what their biggest employment headache is, here's what we found:

Biggest Employment Headaches

#1. Recruitment (25%)

#2. Retention & Engagement (24%)

#3. Performance Management (17%)

The results show that your biggest concerns are getting the right people through the door, and keeping…


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How mature is your organisation when it comes to innovative learning practices?

For the past 9 years the ‘Towards Maturity Benchmark Study’ has been investigating how organisations in Europe embed innovative learning practices, and the impact those practices have on learners and the organisation.  This year the study is being extended to the Asia Pacific and provides a chance to understand more about the learning practices within organisations in our region that excel in business agility,  efficiency,   employee engagement   and…


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Creative Ideas to Add Value When Jobs Decline

Trevor Vas, Principal Consultant with HCMS shares his observations on our recent *Talent Management Roundtable meetings (TMRT) where we discussed: “Creative Ways to Add Value to Your Organisation when Jobs Decline”

How many of you have experienced coming to work one day, only to find that the CEO has issued an edict:  “Freeze on All Hiring”? What do you do?  How do Recruitment Functions maintain their relevance and capability when there are…


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Leadership development programs the key to an engaged workforce in fluctuating market

This year’s recognition as an Aon Hewitt Best Employer has meant much more to Hilti Australia because in a soft construction market everyone had to work much harder to retain high employee engagement.

In 2011 when Hilti was recognised as the ‘Best of the Best’ Best Employer the company felt the impact immediately. Most notably, there was an instant boost in employee confidence and a 300 per cent spike in job applications.

In my experience, an engaged and motivated…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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Managing Up

For those who may not have heard the term before, managing upwards is an often used euphemism for dealing with a difficult relationship with a more senior person in an organisation.

‘Managing your manager’ can be a worthwhile skill to have to help you succeed in your career. So what are some strategies you can use to become effective at managing up?

  • Insist on meeting regularly with your manager and be prepared.
  • Be alert to organisational changes and a manager’s…

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Work is Life

Human beings belong to a gregarious species. We live in groups, we organise ourselves in communities, we develop language, rules and technology to communicate with each other, and usually, we work in teams.

In short, we engage with each other and with our environment. Our engagement keeps us safe and happy. By co-operating together, in every form of work and endeavour, we support each other, harness the power of multiple skills, talents and intellectual points of view, and we create…


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Prevention is Better than Cure…

We all already know that disengaged employees cost much more than a wage, but what about your engaged employees, how do you make sure they stay engaged and satisfied in their role?


Keeping hold of that perfectly engaged employee is vital for the long term health of your business. It is a key challenge for employers today with retention rates falling; particularly within generation X and Y where employees have different values than previous age brackets. The SHRM…


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"Warning, warning" - Taking account of past workplace sins when disciplining employees - [Part 1]

In Brief

A recent dismissal case before Fair Work Australia ("FWA") serves as a useful illustration of the issues facing employers when weighing up an employee's poor disciplinary record and whether a dismissal would be justified.

Warning Confusion…


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Take a Break

A recent study has shown that office workers can work up to an extra 16 days a year if they eat lunch at their desks and do not take a break.

The research, performed by a UK university, also discovered that:


-       Half of the 1,000 employees surveyed claimed that they felt guilty if they took a full hour

-       60% of employees surveyed say they eat lunch at their desks

-       Two thirds take 30 minutes or less, even though they are entitled to a full…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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Absence can make the heart grow fonder. Seven Tips To Help You Manage Remote Teams

There is no doubt about it, the Australian workplace is going through massive structural changes.  Wage costs are high. The cost of living and working in the major capitals is also high. In case you hadn’t noticed, Sydney is the seventh most expensive city in the world. Melbourne is the eighth.


So it’s no surprise that organisations have been…


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Olympic athletes not immune to disengagement

Over here at RedBalloon we've been discussing how disengagement manifests itself across different industries. The topic of athletes came up after a discussion about the Olympics - so we had a bit of fun chatting about some famous Aussie athletes who have shown signs of disengagement in recent times.

So here is our list of the top five most well-known disengaged and misbehaving Australian Olympians, and where…


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