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Get your cover letter right.

I am prompted to write about cover letters this month for a few reasons, first because it's a natural extension of my blog on resume writing,…


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The Innovator and the Objector – Fine Tuning Your Creative Process to Meet the Needs of Your Business


"Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things." - Theodore Levitt

In your workplace, the ultimate goal is to achieve a level of full engagement from each and every employee, if all your workers are engaged and innovating, your business will no doubt flourish. However, within every workplace there is likely to be both innovators and objectors. Whilst your innovators are fully engaged and working…


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Is bad behaviour in the workplace ever ok?

Seems in a recent decision (Applicant vs Linfox Armaguard PTy Ltd) its ok in moderation. 

Whilst I don't agree that behaviour of the nature outlined in this dispute is acceptable at all, particularly when loaded firearms are present, it does spark the question of "When is what might be harmless bad language and mucking around step over the line into inappropriate behaviour?".

For me the answer is simple. It's not acceptable, and should not be condoned or ignored. In order to…


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Welcome to my blog!

EI is an employment solutions provider specialising in Employment Law; Migration, Human Resources, Payroll; Incentives and Recognition.

Or simply put, we make being an employer easy.

I will be blogging about everything involved with being an employer, the latest news on all things HR and Workplace Law-shaped and anything else in between that catches my eye - let's keep things fresh and interesting.

So please bookmark, share, add our Google…


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We Need to Think Carefully Before We Call Someone a Coach

The idea that one needs “a coach” has become pervasive.  There are sports coaches, life coaches, health coaches and executive coaches.  There are coaches acting as cheerleaders, confidantes, guidance counselors and psychologists.  The term coach is bandied about and it seems everyone can be a coach these days.  Now the idea of the “coach” has even hit mainstream TV with the hit program The Voice.

Don’t get me wrong, like many Australians I have been captivated by…


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The Followers' Guide to: What your Leader wants

Today, a search on showed 98,516 results for “leadership”.  A further search for “followship” came back with a mere 39 results.  I searched again for “team player” and received over 101,000 results, although “team player” wasn’t quite what I was looking for.   I know sometimes part of great leadership is setting out what you expect and need from your followers, and “followship” is a little used word, but the yawning gap between the results surprised even me.

You may be a…


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Does your organisation use performance reviews?

Performance reviews are essential to increase employee engagement and staff performance, and so they need to be structured in a way that fosters engagement. They can be a high stress situation for employees as sometimes pay, promotions and benefits can rely on the outcome.

Two common mistakes made when conducting a performance review are a managerial attitude of a ‘tick the box’ process and using annual performance reviews as a standalone method, without regular performance…


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Enterprise Agreement approved despite EMPLOYER objection

A recent decision of the full bench of Fair Work Australia (FWA) has confirmed that whilst an employer can choose to discontinue an application for approval of an enterprise agreement, this does not prevent another bargaining representative for the agreement making their own application for approval.

In late 2010, CJ Manfield Pty Ltd (a company that provides electrical and refrigeration services to the Rio Tinto Alcan Refinery site at Gove in the Northern Territory)…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work


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Swamped by your workload? 5 ways to get out of the mess!

This week I met up with a client who had over 150 emails in their inbox waiting for their attention. Just the thought made me squirm with discomfort!  How can you possibly respond, action, remember or even read that many emails? How can you honestly be productive with that much content staring you in the face?

This situation reminded me of a common problem I would…


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Best Practice Graduate Development Strategies - Part 4

Best Practice Graduate Development Strategies

In a four part series, the team at DBL have put together a comprehensive ‘best practice’ guide to graduate development. Although by no means exhaustive, the series is a great resource and useful ‘how-to’ for graduate managers both new to the industry, and for veterans looking for new or fresh ideas to enhance their existing program, enjoy!



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11 ways to find the best candidates on Seek

This article was originally posted on the RecruitLoop Blog.

With some of the recent discussion/controversy about Seek's latest pricing (and technology) decisions, we thought it…


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How a ship's voyage can help us clarify what good change management can do for us

A lot of what we do is help clients articulate how they want to change, and then work out what they need to do to get there.  It’s fascinating work, because not only is there the obvious change management component; this also touches on an organisation’s culture, its systems, people, processes, skills, strategy, vision and business planning.

Often, this starts off as a desire “to do things differently” or the knowledge that “things need to change around here”; but with no clear view…


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Your Feel Good Friday from Balance at Work

Nice one...  …


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When navel-gazing can be healthy

As a young manager it was drummed into me that I focus on my customers and the services or products I provided to the customer.  It didn’t occur to me to question the philosophy in those days, after all the most senior people in the business advocated it and I certainly cared a lot about customers.

If you are outcome focused and performance manage your people against customer service, company standards, results, targets and outcomes, for example, you are practicing the key behaviours…


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Paid Parental Leave: Before & After


You may have already…

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The benefits of adopting a coaching culture

Feed a man for a day or teach him to fish, what would you choose? ”Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Consider that each senior leader in your organisation is being coached and that part of their …


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A Tale of Two Airlines

Why do so many airlines (and other organisations for that matter) maintain practices and policies that appear to be aimed at annoying their customers at best and enraging them at worst?  Isn’t great service always a differentiator for any business?

I heard two contrasting examples of airline shenanigans at…


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Are these the two dumbest recruiters in history?

Sometimes you just have to wonder at how dumb some people can be.

I know, not a nice way to start a blog post, but wait till you hear this.

Not long ago I was coming back to Sydney from a week in the Firebrand London office. I stopped over in Bangkok, and had two hours in the Qantas lounge there, doing what all the other business dudes were doing. Blackberry,…


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