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Things to consider before becoming a self employed Consultant

Every year, at around this time, a common theme in my conversations with HR professionals is their desire to follow through on a New Year's resolution to move onto a new role. 2012 has started out a little differently, though, with a number of these practitioners, mostly senior and highly experienced, considering a shift to working for themselves.

In the HR profession, especially in the learning and training arena, this is certainly an…


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Fierce Conversations ... or Constructive Ones?

In recent years, there has been widespread interest in books recommending “fierce” or “…


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Statistics and damn lies in employment: Online job ads

Note: This post originally appeared on the RecruitLoop Blog.

Job ads in Australia increased 6.4% from December to January, according to …


Added by Michael Overell on February 14, 2012 at 13:56 — 2 Comments

Do the maths! How to calculate the true cost of employee onboarding

The cost of attracting top talent is scary enough. Recruitment fees alone can start at 12% of  your new employee’s salary and head north depending on how much you pay them. The real cost however, of losing your staff in the early days of hire, is much higher than you think.

If you flunked out in maths class, don’t despair.  Here’s a quick lesson by Shiraz Contractor-Papas (our Product Manager - Asia Pacific) on how to calculate the true costs of employee…


Added by Anthony Sork on February 7, 2012 at 10:30 — 1 Comment

The importance of ‘soft skills’ in leadership development

Leading a business has long been about displaying our personal strengths in the workplace. But today’s working environment requires managers to also display a raft of ‘softer skills’ when dealing with people. 

Soft skills can be quite a revelation for business leaders, who are beginning to understand that leading with an iron fist doesn’t yield the best results. 

Taking a softer approach refers to learning how to effectively relate to people, showing empathy and optimism and…


Added by Mandy Geddes on February 7, 2012 at 12:48 — 1 Comment

Change Leader: Conversation Leader

Organisations are busy places.  People meet together in formal and informal contexts and talk about what’s going on, what should be going on, and what’s ‘in the wind’.  Others are planning, proposing and discussing ideas, strategies, and approaches.  People are involved in a myriad of activities as they go about their working life.

What is the effect of all this talk and all this activity?  Hopefully it is helping the organisation fulfil its purpose, but what is in no doubt is that it…


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All Aboard - The Importance of a Robust Onboarding Process

When it comes to recruiting a new staff member, most organisations focus heavily on attracting and then selecting the best possible candidate for their team. A great deal of time and effort goes into selling the organisation, and then once a strong pool of candidates have applied for the role, the focus moves to interviewing, reference checking and finally making an offer of employment to the preferred candidate.

Once the preferred candidate has accepted the job offer,…


Added by Jevita Nilson on February 1, 2012 at 13:21 — 5 Comments

Women in leadership – can we “have it all”?

I recently met an incredibly motivated and driven female leader.  She is dedicated, loves the company she works for, thrives on feedback to improve and wants to achieve top performance status every year at her annual review.  In discussing her career and future plans – she stopped mid sentence and admitted that having a baby was on…


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How To Identify People For Leadership Positions

This is a question that comes up in various polls, groups and expert Q&A’s on social media boards repeatedly and often. You would think since the Industrial Revolution we would have evolved and managed to understand this fully, and in practice, yet still we have not come so far.

Is it that leaders themselves are ignoring the guide lines and research? Now more than ever, there is a plethora of free information out on the internet to answer this question.

So here we go again…


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7 Must Knows Of Hiring Generation 'Me' (aka Gen Y)

Let’s face it, many of us have heard the stories with disbelief and some times mortification of an outrageous demand or spoiled-brat attitude of a Generation Y encounter in the workplace. Baby boomers and Generation X’ers mutter ‘It never would have happened in ‘my day’ or chuff quietly to themselves at the ‘cute’, but gullibly over-ambitious statement by a younger Gen Y that they intend to be Vice President of Marketing, next year, with only 2 years experience out…


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Mistake Recovery Guide: What To Do When You Stuff Up Big Time...

Mistake Recovery Guide: What To Do When You Stuff Up Big Time..

So you are at that moment of realization that you have just made a mistake.  It’s not just a small indiscretion, but it is an orbital heart-stopper. Your blood runs cold and amazingly you break out in sweat at the same time. You visualize your bosses eye’s popping out of their head with fury.

We have all at one time or another in our career made a…


Added by Anne-Marie Orrock on December 2, 2011 at 12:30 — 2 Comments

The time to 'trust your gut' is lunchtime...

…not when you’re hiring a new staff member!

Managers very often rely on their intuition or ‘gut feel’ when making staffing decisions.  In my experience, it’s amazing how often we hear  “it just felt right”, “she seems like a good fit” or “I feel very comfortable with him”.  There’s a lot of confidence in intuition.

When it turns out the…


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Weekly meetings like groundhog day? 10 tips to spice them up

Running an effective one on one meeting with staff is no easy task.  It is a leadership essential that has managers of people second-guessing their importance, relevance and benefit.  I know CEO’s who don’t even do them – leaving it to their direct reports to schedule time in their diaries if there is an ‘issue’ to discuss. Others cancel them on a regular basis, especially at…


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Why do your best people leave you?

They say people join companies and leave managers. At Enigma HR we talk to a lot of people when they are looking to leave their jobs. While we’ve found this to be generally true, it's a pretty simplistic statement. So we thought we’d explore some research to dig deeper behind what makes people unhappy at work.

We've found some inspiration in some unusual places.

1) You have ignored their development – paying no attention to your staff is actually worse than negative…


Added by Liza Garrido on November 18, 2011 at 14:00 — 3 Comments

Team building is out, team growing is in

The concept of growing a team instead of building a team has been around a long time. It seems to have started with Frederick P Brooks in his book “The mythical man-month” written over 30 years ago. He believed that the “building metaphor has outlived its usefulness” and that “the conceptual structures we construct today are too complicated to be accurately specified in advance and too complex to be built faultlessly, then we must take a radically different approach”.

So why do we…


Added by Karen Schmidt on November 24, 2011 at 11:50 — 3 Comments

The 12 quickest ways to breach trust with your new employees

Compiled from many conversations we’ve had with new employees, we present you some tales from the induction front battle lines.

Here’s our checklist of the 12 fastest ways to breach trust with your new employees.

We could have called this blog post the poor employer’s induction checklist – 12 things you must never ever do on day one, or any other day for that matter. In fact, let’s do that. Drum roll please………


Added by Anthony Sork on November 9, 2011 at 6:37 — 6 Comments


A Code of Conduct is an essential part of any employment relationship. It sets clear, indisputable boundaries of behaviour and expectations, for both the employees and the employer.

To establish a truly sustainable business, you need to not only deliver high standards of service and product to your customers, but you need to also demonstrate behaviours that are consistent with your businesses values and expectations.

Now there is no right or wrong format for a Code of Conduct,…


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Technical competence without people skills - what is it costing you?

A common problem I see in many organisations is that somewhere in their senior management team they have a person with strong technical competence, but who lacks the essential people skills and leadership expertise. The story goes that they are leading the way with their knowledge and experience, meeting expectations, producing innovative ideas, delivering on project deadlines…


Added by Nicole Underwood on October 26, 2011 at 21:30 — 2 Comments

Is the art of Effective Negotiation a dying one?

The most contentious point of any negotiation/discussion about wages and conditions linked to productivity is how you measure the productivity changes. It is important for negotiators to be aware that the productivity gains do not necessarily equate to job losses, or loss of current conditions.


With the recent media exposure in regards to agreement outcomes for some major australian industries, it begs the question, is the art of effectively negotiating…


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Who will carry your vision? Tips to develop your successor

60% of companies don’t have succession plans in place and yet this article suggests “the most successful CEO’s…


Added by Nicole Underwood on October 11, 2011 at 14:21 — 3 Comments

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