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'Own goals' when consulting to HR

This post takes a light-hearted look at the common gripes in-house HR professionals have with consultants. The author is known to HR Daily and works in the HR space, but has chosen to remain anonymous. If you're an HR consultant and would like to provide a counter view, please get in touch

If you work in an organisation, especially in HR, chances are you've engaged the services of an external…


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Have your say on workplace gender reporting

The Government has today announced it will start consulting on workplace gender equality reporting requirements, so don't miss your chance to be heard.

According to Minister for Employment, Senator Eric Abetz, the Government wants to "get the balance right between getting…


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What's in the Opposition's IR policy?

The Coalition released its IR policy today and, according to leading IR/HR news service Workplace Express, it contains "a long list of changes but no real surprises".

The policy contains no amendments to unfair dismissal or…


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Blogging tips from a pedantic editor

Here in the HR Daily office, I'm known for my pedantry. I'm very picky about details, and doing things in particular ways. While I'm sure it's annoying to some people, it's a trait that has served me well in my career as a journalist.

Here are some quick tips that I try to use every day, which might help you take your blogging to…


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An outsider's insightful view of HR

Attending HRIZON this week I enjoyed the welcoming message of Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Diane Kerr, a descendant of the traditional owners of Melbourne.

Despite only recently learning that "HR people…


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Are you going to HRIZON?

The 14th World Human Resource Congress (HRIZON) is on in Melbourne this week, and I'm excited to be attending.

I'll be adding my coverage of the event to HR Daily from Thursday, but I'd love to see some HR Daily Community members blogging about the sessions here as well. Whether you just share a few quotes or write…


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Sixteen tips for writing great HR blog posts

I've been writing about human resources for 12 years now. Although journalism differs from blogging in many ways, some writing principles apply across the board.

Here are my top tips for sharing memorable blog posts on the HR Daily Community (and elsewhere).…


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How to pitch your HR stories to media

This week I gave a conference presentation on the topic of media pitches, specifically in relation to sharing stories with an HR audience. As I said at the time, I only realised during my preparation that the workings of a newsroom are quite mysterious to an outsider, and many of you who would like to be…


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Announcing the launch of HR Daily Jobs

Since launching HR Daily in 2008, we've had hundreds of requests from HR professionals and employers to provide a channel through which they can connect. Finally, after months of testing and fine tuning, we're almost ready to go.

We're hoping you can help with this final stage (and let us give something back in return).

To help us launch …


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Blogging over the Christmas/New Year break

This week I'll be promoting HR Daily Community blog posts on Thursday, as we're publishing a special end-of year wrap in HR Daily on Friday. That will be our final edition for the year, and we'll resume publishing on Monday 23 January.

Over the Christmas/New Year break we welcome continued blogging on the HR Daily Community by its current members. We'll do a wrap of these posts on Friday 27 January.

New memberships requested during this time will require approval, which may…


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Great posts - keep them coming!

Just a quick note to highlight some of the more popular recent content on HR Daily Community.

Nicole Underwood's post on how to spice up weekly meetings and Liza Garrido's on resignation triggers have had more than 2000 visits each, while Karen Schmidt's post…


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HRD+ launch offer for Community members

We're having a birthday this week - on Friday HR Daily is turning three! We're pretty excited about this and are celebrating by launching some new offerings.

One of these is HRD+. This new section of the HR Daily website will feature premium content in the form of employer case studies, podcasts and streamed webinars - a broad selection of HR learning materials that you can access online and on-demand.

You can check out our subscription rates…


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Performance management versus policy

I just came across this comic and thought you'd all enjoy it...

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Announcing our winner

Congratulations go to Nicole Underwood this week for her post, Who will carry your vision? Tips to develop your successor, which has won her a complimentary pass to our upcoming event: "How to manage - and lift - workforce performance" (read more about the event…


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Win a free pass to "How to manage - and lift - workforce performance"

Hi all, and welcome to our new members.

We now have nearly 100 blog posts on HR Daily Community, so I'd like to thank each of you who has contributed in the nearly three months that we've been up and running.

To those of you who haven't posted…


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Why you should blog more (or start!)

The rate of blogging on the HR Daily Community has slowed a little this week, so I thought I'd share some stats that might inspire you to get writing!

In the six weeks since our launch, the Community has had nearly 10,000 visits, and 18,000 page views, 15,000 of which were individual blog posts.…


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The ideas behind "HR Daily Community"

We're launching this new "HR Daily Community" for a few reasons.


Firstly, to give more HR professionals a voice. When we started featuring external blog posts on HR Daily it seemed as though there were only a handful of people writing (in Australia) in this space, but over the past couple of years that number has grown significantly.


Many of these people still don't have the kind of reach they say they'd like to, so we hope that by bringing them…


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