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How to use specialist marketplaces to maximise talent management in a downturn

With organisations needing to tighten their spending and review work practices and internal talent pool, now is a great time for leaders to consider doing things differently. The continued growth of freelancer and specialist marketplaces as a source of excellent talent is not going to stop any time soon and organisations that leverage these specialist skills will be amongst the leaders of the post COVID world.

At a time of recession, focus on the core business is everything and how…


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Top concerns facing HR when investigating complex sexual harassment claims

Following the recent release of the respect @work: Sexual Harassment National inquiry Report (2020), Kate Jenkins the Sex Discrimination Commissioner has called on all Australian workplaces to work together to tackle sexual harassment. In the report it states;  “the current legal and…


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How to leverage the gig economy in the face of recession

By January 2023, 34% of all jobs will be provided by the gig economy according to statistics released in January 2019 (Robert Half)

For years there have been concerns about the casualisation of work and the resulting disempowerment of labour. Recent events during the COVID-19 crises have highlighted the flimsy rights of the casual workforce. In Australia, the recent case of WorkPack Pty Ltd vs Rossato [2020] FCAFC 84  clarified the distinction between permanent and casual employees…


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Conducting remote investigations and investigative interviews

Current social distancing rules and COVID-19 workplace safety measures are making it hard to undertake ‘business as usual’ for the investigation of complaints or claims.

Business are developing work practices that enable these functions to occur whilst ensuring that no person is placed at risk of contracting the virus.

The legal system has found these changes challenging but last week the Victoria Courts announced its strategy for conducting…


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The art of investigation when it comes to hooking up on a work trip

Is hooking up on Tinder whilst on a work trip a problem? Well, it depends. It depends on what happens and for whom it might be a problem.

The act itself may be a problem for someone you are already in a contractual agreement with, like your wife or husband, but does your boss really care?

Like most, I am incredibly curious about the two headline cases of workers compensation vs sexual encounters on a work trip.

The French case

In the 2013 French case where a…


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