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How to measure the ROI of a training program

When I think about measuring Return on Investment (ROI) of a training program, my brain lodges a protest. I agree that we need to measure the benefits of training - I just don’t agree that ROI is an appropriate measure to use. ROI is far too simple to cope with the complexity of professional development and performance management.

I suggest that what we really want to measure is the benefit vs cost, or ‘Cost-Benefit Analysis’.

So in discussing ‘ROI’ on learning, I’ll refer to…


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Why conflict is like eating carrots

At the risk of sounding like Pollyanna (or Candide), in the world of my dreams there would be no conflict.

How different would the workplace be?

We would all link hands in a circle and sing songs of joy at the sense of wonderment that our goals and approaches are perfectly aligned to each other.

The sun would shine, the birds would sing and the bunnies would hop about happily in the fields. My work environment would be super-harmonious: brimming with positive energy and…


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In defence of the performance review

Performance reviews have been getting some bad press with many high profile companies dropping the performance review cycle.

Why are organisations fleeing from this once-revered approach to…


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The ABC of resilience and learned optimism

Why is it that when different people are faced with exactly the same circumstances some thrive, some coast, and some drown?

The answer is in the buzzword of this decade: resilience.

Resilience is our ability to adapt to stress and adversity. Resilience is a strategy, a process; it’s not just a…


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