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Safeguard your Hiring for Good - Ben Eatwell

I’m currently searching for some key hires at Weploy that will be instrumental in our next stage of growth. Talent is so critical to any company, so I spent a lot of time considering what I’ve learnt over the past year at Weploy to ensure these hires would succeed at a fast growing, disruptive company.

Securing talent is always challenging, but for me, hiring for a start-up is the most difficult. You can explain…


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Blind Recruitment - The New Resume

Whether we’re aware of it or not, the hiring process has inherent bias. It’s a neuroscientific fact that our brains are hardwired towards finding patterns and similarity - which we are now finding out is the worst thing possible when looking for talent.…


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Top Time-Saving Hacks for Finance Leaders

Computer scientist turned accountant, Robert Krigsman is the Principal of Krigsman Partners, a boutique taxation and accounting firm, a Chartered Tax Adviser and Registered Tax Agent with an interest in Australian Start-ups specifically.

When he’s not busy running around Fitzroy Gardens, or one of his four children, Robert is a mentor and writer for Startup Smart, a committee member at Chartered Accountants…


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The Culture Fit Myth

As the evidence for Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace mounts, the idea of Culture Fit is fast falling from favour. Recruitment attitudes are shifting to consider how diverse candidates can contribute to the culture instead of fitting into it, and hiring processes at forward-thinking companies are being examined in order to remove the notion altogether.…


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We Need to Talk About... Mental Health

The State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia report reveals that one in five Australian workers is currently experiencing a mental health condition and…


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Three things I learnt from the movie “The Intern”

The 2015 Nancy Meyers film “The Intern” has been added to Netflix recently and despite cringing at a couple of clichés whilst watching it last night, I noticed a few things we could all learn from it about the modern workplace.

1. Blended teams are more…


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3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Brand by Career Coach, Thai Ngo

Thai Ngo is a recruiter, coach and speaker. The founder of Melbourne based career coaching company The Careerists, Thai is passionate about helping people succeed and uses his 11 years expertise in the workplace to help people succeed in getting that dream job.…


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The 7 Jobs you Should be Outsourcing Right Now

No matter the size, all businesses have those admin tasks that are at once important, not urgent, and also really boring. There’s two options, you could

a) bump these tasks down the to-do list indefinitely, or

b) move away from the work you actually enjoy (and what you get paid for) to get them done yourself.

As a…


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How to Improve Productivity at Work by Ben Eatwell. Part 2 of 2

My last post covered how business leaders are looking to build agility and foster innovation into their organisations by using Project teams. Now I want to look at the second approach that came out from my research: breaking down roles into activities and subsequently optimising tasks.


According to a report by…


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How to Improve Productivity at Work by Ben Eatwell. Part 1 of 2

Since I joined Weploy earlier this year, I’ve been talking with small to medium business leaders across a wide range of industries. My goal was to understand how customers are using Weploy and what drives them to hire temporary staff. It was immediately clear that they are all trying to increase workforce productivity by boosting…


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Digivizer’s Top 5 Hiring Tips for the Jobs of the Future

This is a guestpost written by Emma Lo Russo, the CEO of Digivizer, an award-winning social and digital analytics platform that allows companies of all sizes to analyse in real-time their digital marketing programs in a simple,…


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Give Me a Chance!

I think back to when I was nearing the end of high school, and I didn't really have a clue what I wanted to do career-wise. I don’t think I was alone in that position. I started a course at Uni and then switched to another, I graduated, then all of a sudden was in the market for employment. I think quite a few graduates then and now, are left looking at a closed door with a sign saying “More experience needed!” It can become a vicious cycle.

Part of my mission in joining…


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