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Interviewing for a job, why first impressions always count

The saying goes that you “Never get a second chance to make a first impression.” And how true that is when it comes to interviewing. In recruitment we often talk about the first impression that a candidate will make during the interview process however we often forget to remember that the we are also making a first impression on the candidate, and therefore what type of first impression are we making? One that will put the candidate at ease, or one that may turn the candidate off from…


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Need to write a compelling job advert? Here's how ...

One of the most important parts of any recruitment process is putting together a compelling job advert.  The job advert is designed to attract candidates to the role and as such it is important to make it as interesting and engaging as you can. It is critical that you take the time to outline the expectations of the role, take the opportunity to talk about some of the reasons as to why a candidate would want to come and work for your company,…


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How to write a detailed job description for a new role

I recently wrote about the importance of defining your job title prior to even advertising the role.  Following on from that train of thought I wanted to go a little deeper in to detailing the job description for when you do advertise the role and ways that you can look at ensuring that you have…


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Defining your recruitment process

As businesses we can often rush the recruitment process. This may be due to a staff member leaving at short notice and therefore leaving your business short staffed and under prepared. As such we do not always take the time to think through the recruitment process or give appropriate thought to what employing a new team member may look like. I previously wrote…


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What's in a title?

Earlier this week I posted a blog about asking some pertinent questions in your business before advertising a role.  One of the areas that we looked at briefly was creating a detailed job description.  When doing this I believe it is critical to look at a number of areas, but one…


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Thinking about employing staff? Here are some questions to ask before you even advertise.

Teamfinder spends almost every day working with different organisations on their recruitment needs - from start ups to large business.  Engaging with prospective employers early on in the process, we’ve been alongside our clients from their fist idea to employ a new staff member. Before taking the step into employing either your first team member or your 15th, it’s critical to take the opportunity to check off some basics before staring the recruitment process. Here are some key concepts to…


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Five questions to ask before engaging a recruiter

“I am so busy”, a statement that all business owners can relate to.  Whether you’re busy juggling your accounts, tweaking your SEO, or just trying to grow your business the catch cry of “I am so busy” always rings true.  Often businesses owners will happily farm out tasks to subject matter experts to help alleviate some of the pain when trying to balance your BAS, build your website or to talk to a business coach.  However, when it comes to recruitment, business owners are perhaps far more…


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