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Recruitment industry days are numbered in Oz

Australian employers are following their US and UK counterparts and giving recruitment agencies the flick, as management accountants and the unemployed toast their demise.

Employers have finally realized they can hire staff themselves or appoint internal recruiters at one tenth of the cost of the fees charged by recruitment ticks, who have fed off corporate Australia for more than 30 years.

Recruitment agencies have been making anywhere from 10-30 per cent of a candidate’s…


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Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing scrapped

It hardly comes as a surprise that the Federal Government has scrapped Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing.

This is part of the cutting government spending. The chair of the Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing, Mr Everald Compton said on ABC Radio: “We’ve only got six months work to go and we can give the government a blueprint on all the legislative and policy and financial changes that need to be progressively made over the next 25 years to make sure we turn ageing into an asset rather…


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Job good news for older workers, bad for the young

One of the more curious things in Australian politics is the occasional media burp, which produces a news good story on older workers and older job seekers. There was a positive news story in the States recently about employing people 50+.

Having written about the Boomers for the past ten years or so – and being one of them – all I can say is that it’s about time.…


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Older job seekers - shadows fall over DEEWR

Bosses will be paid to hire workers aged 50 years or over under a Federal Coalition government.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has proposed an employment incentive of $3,250 to employers who hire a mature age worker and keep them on for at least six months. This is effectively an old policy they trotted out at the last election.

The ALP’s Jobs Bonus scheme of $1000 (GST exclusive) for employers who employ an  mature age job seeker for 13 weeks is a colossal failure. So far, less…


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100 Corporate Champions - sort of ...

A quick update on the Government’s Corporate Champions program. I note they now have a hundred candidates, which is good news but if you remove the 20 or so pilot organisations which have been with the program for almost three years, the numbers shrink.

I also note that they have included Transfield Services in Adelaide (Light City Buses), which I…


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Refugees and older workers


It costs the Australian taxpayer about $1 billion per year to maintain our refugee policy, including providing navy ships, hiring staff, etc.

It costs another $100,000 per year to feed and house a refugee. I have no problem there.

Yet in Australia, the Federal Government has only set aside $70 million over four years to help people 50+ find jobs. We have about 100,000 unemployed Boomers and about two million people 50+ currently working…


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Experience+ Work Ready almost ready

While it has taken 18 months to get the $25.8 million Experience+ Work Ready, it will be ready for launch just before the Federal Election and a possible change of Government.

The peer based training program aims to give mature-age job seekers 50+, job preparation assistance, IT training, financial planning information and more. According to DEEWR, it will assist 6,700 mature age people to get back to work. Currently, there are about 120,000 people 50+ out of work and looking for a…


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Big changes brewing for mature age initiatives

With the ructions in the ALP almost, finally, almost, sort of settled, it’s less than three months before we see the Coalition form Government.

The current Minister for Employment Participation, Kate Ellis, was a strong Gillard supporter and has criticized Rudd in the media. She is a ‘dead duck’ in the lead up to the election. Ellis has done a good job in the childcare portfolio but was almost a stranger to ‘selling’ Australia’s ageing population policies to employers and the…


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Mature age job boards fight jobs downturn

One of the problems older job seekers face is trying to find positions on online job boards and in newspapers where the recruiters or employers don’t discriminate against them because of their age. There are a number of mature age online job boards but there simply aren't the jobs.

Adage has only listed about 20 jobs, Older Workers listed about 40 jobs and DOME in South Australia has about 50 positions (SA only, not for profit), with many repeats over the last six weeks. A large…


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Spin ‘Champions’ for sacking older workers

Some might wonder why Victoria’s largest single site employer, Crown Casino, has joined the Australian Government’s Corporate Champion project, when the gambling giant will make significant redundancies in its administration, marketing and back office this year.

The gambling colossus will get training to the value of $20,000 from the Corporate Champions project to keep those roulette wheels spinning and retain their mature age staff as the Boomer demographic moves to…


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Shonky psychometric tests kill careers

There is no more compelling evidence than the use of psychometric tests in recruitment, that parts of modern organizational life are drifting back in to the dark ages.

Recruiters are making unsubstantiated promises to businesses by using unreliable, invalid and inappropriate psychological tests on often bewildered job seekers and staff.

In Australia about 40 percent of recruiters and employers ask job applicants or their staff to sit psychometric tests. The tests are insulting,…


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Ethics come last in DEEWR tender

While few people in recruitment, the JSA’s or corporate Australia, have heard of the Experience+ Corporate Champions program (it’s for employers of mature age workers), there’s a curious development about the $15.6 million tender, which is newsworthy.

Recently DEEWR put a tender out to get qualified providers to deliver the program. You can find out who they are here.…


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Gov's age policy debacle

There is cause for celebration as Australia’s population hit 23 million this week, which is a testament to the resilience of our economy and democracy.

But put down your party hats and whistles and as the Commonwealth Government has done little to ensure the large retiring Boomer generation don’t force younger generations in to tax servitude to fund their aged pensions and healthcare.

Over the last 18 months the Government’s $70 million mature age worker and job seeker…


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Mature age initiative floundering

The Gillard Government's mature age worker strategy is floundering - major projects have been poorly implemented and flexibility arrangements aren't backed by legislative muscle.

Over the last 12 months, the Commonwealth Government has scrapped three important mature age initiatives: Experience Plus Training, On the Job Support and Job Transition Support.

This is in spite of the findings of the 2012 Consultative Forum on Mature Age Participation that poor physical…


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Age discrimination makes HR a media target

The Australian media has become far more adversarial and conflict-based in the hunt for stories. Their sights are turning to recruiters and senior HR staff who have shown only tokenism on age discrimination.

These are the same people who want to sit at the ‘big table’ with the executives and make strategic business decisions. Senior HR professionals will soon get their chance of working ‘strategically’ on rescuing their brand from the nightmare of a sustained media attack if their…


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HR’s big chance to right a wrong

Everyone who reads this article is on a journey to old age. It is the golden thread - the one common denominator - that runs through our lives.

In the late 1960s in America and Australia, the civil rights movement won major battles over race and sex prejudice. Indigenous Australians were allowed to vote; in America, black people were no longer consigned to the back of the bus and women broke the chains of a sexual apartheid that kept them silent and shackled to the kitchen.



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Third Age: boomers and workplace flexibility

This is the story of the birth of a 'third age', of liberation from orthodoxy in our 50s, 60s and 70s.

Over the next 20 years or so, almost six million boomers, born between 1945-64, will enter a period life that their parents once called 'old age'.

This was a time of sunset reflections, tending the roses and wandering in the twilight Elysian Fields of dodgy memory. Advances in medical science and technology means baby boomer women can expect to live, on average, to 85 and men…


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Boomers good for business

The low birth rates in the 1980s and 1990s, under funding of TAFE in those years and the relative disinterest by younger generations to learn a trade, means that the supply for skilled labour can’t keep up with demand.

The market is blind to appearances. The only colour that matters is the black ink written in the profit column of the spreadsheet, and in the current labour market, experience counts.

Older workers are working longer. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics…


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Experience an asset as labour market changes

Australian businesses need to train and retain their older workers as well as hire mature age candidates.

There is considerable evidence that mature age workers deliver a net benefit of $1956 per year according to the report Business, Work and Ageing, ‘Profiting from maturity: The social and economic costs of mature age unemployment.’

Compared to other workers, older workers have high retention rates, lower absenteeism, decreased recruitment costs and greater return on…


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The boomers - working longer

In a world of change, of fiscal gaps, demanding KPI’s, of never-ending audits and the parry of organisational politics, one struggles to find good news. But it’s coming from an unlikely source – your HR department.

In the next forty years Australia’s organisations – both great and small – will no longer repel younger workers because they have ‘no experience’. Nor will older workers in there 50s and 60s be forced to retire or fail to be hired because they were ‘too qualified’ or ‘might…


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