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Interview impotence - can't perform?

I’ve been doing some interviewing. The job was a front of house team leader in a human services agency that supports clients suffering disadvantage. There were 80 applicants. Some 70 per cent had no claims on the job! I was one of a selection panel of three. We interviewed 16 candidates. Most were nervous, most were under-prepared, most had done inadequate research. Most were unpractised in interview technique, all wanted the job and none would be happy with running second. Everyone of the…


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Dependency - an insidious affliction

In March 2017 I posted, on HR Daily, The Toxic Grinch – it attracted nearly 2,700 reads. A Grinch in the workplace makes for a cheerless and gloomy environment. A variant on this type of dysfunctional employee is the dependent. It is likely that you have encountered one or more in your work history. You will remember because they are unforgettable. If you work in HR you will know them well for reason of the grief and distractions they create. Happily they are not great in number –…


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I won't take it anymore! (A sexual harassment victim's guide)


Back in September 2016 I posted a piece on Sexual Harassment  and  20 indicators of the problem. (You can access the article by trawling through my past blogs.) Doubtless there are victims everywhere. In fact there are more victims than HR will get to see for reason that many do not report. Victims are always confused, embarrassed, shocked. They carry feelings of shame and even may blame themselves for the violation of their person. Most victims just do not…


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30+ tips for those 20+


Age is a very high price to pay for maturity Tom Stoppard, British playwright.


For all in HR, share this with your younger Millennials.  If you be one, read it carefully; twice is best.

 Workers in their 20’s are typically more impatient, are more easily disillusioned, more demanding, more mobile, more ambitious and more impetuous than their older colleagues. Many feel disengaged at work. Most are lacking in one…


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Mentoring: 26 reasons why you need it

Many of the world’s best minds and great business leaders have had a Mentor. Each knew, in spite of their ego, outstanding skills and abilities, that they would benefit. These folk included Oprah Winfrey,  Mark Zukerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

Mentoring, however, is not a prominent feature of the Australian business and public sector landscape. How many do you know who are currently being mentored?

From my own experience as a Mentor there are 26…


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The Toxic Grinch: There's one or more in every workplace

We’ve all observed the person who dampens enthusiasm or spoils our enjoyment of work. These folk, whilst few in number, erode workplace culture and they are something of curse for HR professionals given the distractions they engender and the work they create. 

In recent days Fairfax media ran an article in their Executive Style column – How to spot a toxic employee before you hire them. All well and good but somehow they keep popping up and are generally well ensconced…


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Sexual harassment in the News at the News - Fox News


 All HR professionals should take note of current media reports on the sexual harassment complaint recently settled at Fox News – USA.

 The complainant was News anchor Gretchen Carlson. She lodged her complaint against CEO Roger Aisles. Carlson was one of many female News ‘girls’ in the network. Often also referred to as ‘hot’, ‘sexy’ and ‘babes’, these women were part of the image that mandated boobs, bums and pins be all-about and often on screen. You would hope that…


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Help! The Head HR Honcho is Hopeless


If the Head of HR is a bit ordinary or the function lacks standing, status and influence then send them this: anonymously might be best.

In the very best organizations the Head HR honcho:

1  Has direct and unfettered access to the CEO 24/7

2  Sits at the corporate decision making table

3 Spends more time with the core business providers/front-end operatives than on email

4 Promotes that quality staff selection is more important than…


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The Little Red Hen

On Monday I posted HR ain’t what it ought be – 20 fix tips

In the Blog I implore those in HR to read The Little Red Hen as ‘it’s not a folk tale, it’s a true story’

I then got asked this:

“The Little Red Hen.......is your point on this one about working hard to make good things happen without the support of others, and then them wanting to share in the spoils when it all goes well? Is your…


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HR ain't what it ought be! 20 fix tips

I spent over 40 years in 16 workplaces, much of it in HR and headed up the function in two large human services organisations. I did some casual HR related assignments in another 15 organisations after retiring from full time work.  I learnt a bit in that time but did not fully recognise it; I was too busy.

HR ain’t what it ought be!   It needs to lift its game. Yet, you can do something! 

Here are 20 tips for HR and those that populate it to value-add. Up…


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First couple of days on a new job in HR

When beginning in a new organisation in a HR role that reports to the head of HR ( who I like to call the CPP (Chief People Person) this is what you should expect to be told and asked by the CPP in the first two days:

First day:

. This is what it is really like to work here..............

. These folk are the movers and shakers in this organisation...................

. This is my take on our CEO...............

. To be successful in HR here…


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Bully to you: 77 symptoms


Recent media reports and programs on bullying attest to the fact that it continues to be a problem that challenges the HR function.  I hold to the notion that where bullies thrive, authority is weak. Much of the problem stems from the failure of management.   

Sadly, workplaces lacking in quality leadership can be incubators for a whole raft of dysfunctional behaviours – bullying is one of the worst. Bullying is another toxic behaviour. It…


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One on One with the boss

My mentee (who is a HR operative) asked me about seeking a one-on-one with her boss. He has an aversion to such meetings which is a great surprise to me as they should occur frequently and naturally with both parties being entirely comfortable with them for reason of their value.

She was brave enough to do the initiating - a good start. I said to her that given some ambivalence from the boss he was likely to not really value the meeting and to not prepare for it. I reflected upon my…


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Resume fraud - a big challenge for HR


Resume fraud – a big challenge for HR


What follows is a short summary of some cases:


Barry Pierson was a rogue Texan cop on the run from the FBI. He was wanted for ‘lewd and lascivious acts on children’ – that’s FBI speak for a pedophile.  He snuck into Australia, assumed a false identity, applied for and won a job ‘on merit’ as Senior Social Worker in a child protection agency for reasons obvious. He got busted and was deported.…


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Resume lies and other porky pies

Resume lies and other porky pies

Today’s  business press is running stories about the termination of a recent appointee to the executive ranks of Myer. It seems this senior executive made claims in his resume and at his interviews that turned out to be false. Most HR professionals would think that the recruitment of a  person making false claims rather improbable for reason of the ‘rigorous’ interviewing, referee checking and pre-employment screening processes that underpin…


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Thought for the day: Bullying

If bullying is manifest in your workplace you can put this down to a failure of leadership.

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Thought for the day:

The best remedy for anger is delay

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Thought for the day (after a long weekend)

Good morning HRers  - do you know that there are those in your organization who dread turning up for work today? Do you know why?
If you do you'll add value. If you don't then get out of HR.

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Thought for the day:


General H. Norman Schwarzkopf said of leadership: ‘Leadership is a combination of strategy and character. If you must be without one be without the strategy’

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Thought for the day - career development

Find folk of good character and practice what they do

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