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Are Corporate Uniforms Tax Deductible?

Are Corporate Uniforms tax deductible? The answer is a little more complex than you might imagine.

 Compulsory Uniform

 The Australian Government allows people to claim the cost of corporate uniforms which are deemed ‘compulsory and necessary’. But, what does this mean? Compulsory uniforms must tick at least some the following boxes:

  •  Distinctive to the company (i.e includes a logo or brand colours).
  •  Not part…

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Keeping Your Uniform Policy Fair

Uniform policies and dress codes are an important element in a workplace. Studies show us that effective uniform policies can help to boost productivity, foster a sense of unity and increase the overall success of a business. But, they can also be a sensitive area for HR. Employees are sometimes unwilling to comply with a dress code and uniform policy can easily be made discriminatory or impractical. Today, we give you our top four tips for keeping a uniform policy fair.…


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The HR Practice which can Super-Boost Productivity

While corporate uniforms can serve to create a polished and unified look for a brand, this is not their only benefit. Uniforms and dress codes are also one of our top tips for increasing productivity within the workplace. So, how can matching polos or coordinated blazers change corporate culture?


Research shows that what an individual is wearing, dictates their thought patterns and mood. When an employee dresses in uniform, subtle social and…


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9 things to consider when putting together your company dress code

Is this your scenario?

You don’t have a company uniform in place, and you’re not planning to introduce one. The challenge you face is that you have staff of all ages and backgrounds within the organisation.  Often staff are not dressed appropriately and addressing what is considered ‘appropriate’ work attire is a sensitive topic. 

It can be a challenge to address these issues without offending staff.  If a uniform is not something your company is planning to…


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7 Reasons why a Corporate Uniform is a great solution for your team

Corporate uniforms often fall into the category of ‘important’ but ‘not urgent’ and whilst most companies understand the importance of this investment it can often be left as the last task to implement.  If you look at some of the major brands such as Virgin Airlines, Australia Post and any of our banks I'm sure you’d agree that their uniforms enhance their brand, set…


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