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Five mistakes leaders make that cause good employees to quit

Ask any good leader what their secret to success is and they will tell you it’s their people. The employees that show up day in and day out to do the work and drive the company forward.

But as a leader, how do you make sure that your team keep turning up engaged and motivated? You’d want to avoid making these five mistakes that often cause good employees to leave.

1. A lack of…


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Six ways to avoid leadership exhaustion

With leaders around the globe facing extended periods of highly disruptive change due to the pandemic, and the World Health Organization (WHO) officially recognising ‘burnout’ as a result of chronic workplace stress – the days of organisations thinking burnout is not their problem are over.

As a leader, you have a responsibility not only to yourself and your family to avoid leadership exhaustion but also to your team. Because your team will look to you as an example of how they are…


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The five signs of leadership exhaustion

For over a year now, the pandemic has caused highly disruptive change to businesses worldwide. This constant state of stress and uncertainty has taken its toll, so much so that we are now seeing a new challenge on the rise, leadership exhaustion.

Could you or your team be feeling the effects of it? Here are five signs of leadership exhaustion.

1. Decision…


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Best practice communication through change

Most employees can sense when change is coming, and if they don’t hear about it from you, uncertainty will give way to fear, and speculation will give way to rumour. Before long, your employees will create their own narrative, trust will erode, anxiety will increase, and engagement will plummet, impacting your profit and productivity further.

Good communication, however, brings clarity to uncertainty, fact to rumour and calm to fear. While change may have consequences for your…


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Your 7-step guide to planning redundancy

A redundancy should never be a quick decision; you need to start preparing weeks, if not months in advance to do it right and provide the support your redundant employees will need for a smooth transition.

To help you prepare, follow this 7-step guide to planning redundancy and be sure to seek the appropriate professional advice throughout the process.

1. Assess your reasons for…


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The six biggest mistakes employers make through redundancy

One of the most significant factors in how well an employee takes restructuring news and moves on from their redundancy is how you, their employer, handle the situation.

When you handle it right and give your employee the compassion, respect and support they need, you will part ways in a healthy and positive way that will ensure you both move on successfully. But do it wrong, you can be paying for it for a long time. To help you avoid the latter, here are the six biggest mistakes…


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Workplace planning in the wake of COVID-19

Workplace planning has long been defined as having the right people in the right position with the right capabilities at the right time, to help you grow and strengthen your company. But in the year of COVID-19, workplace planning for many is coming from the point of surviving not thriving.

While government support has been extended through Job Keeper, now is the time to start planning for necessary organisational change to save you operating from the point of urgency and panic,…


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Not all outplacement programs are equal. Are you getting the greatest value for money?

If you do a Google search for ‘outplacement providers’, you will quickly discover hundreds of companies offering outplacement programs. But buyer beware, not all outplacement programs are created equal.

In a sea of providers, how do you make sure you get the best value for money while giving your redundant employees access to the best content? Here are five questions to ask outplacement providers to make sure you are comparing apples with apples when it comes to outplacement…


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How to find the right outplacement provider – when you needed them yesterday

With the economic impacts of COVID-19 being felt across the country, more businesses are resorting to restructure and redundancy to survive the downturn. As a result, HR managers and teams are finding themselves in the increasingly challenging position of transitioning staff with little to no planning.

While communicating change and organising outplacement are best done months in advance, this is a luxury many businesses don’t have at the moment. So, if you’ve found yourself in the…


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Making employees redundant through a pandemic – navigating the risks and complexities

With the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression upon us, redundancy is a sad inevitability of COVID-19.

No one enjoys making employees redundant, but in the middle of a pandemic when the job market is competitive, and many families are doing it tough? That makes it a lot harder. Here are some tips to help you navigate the risks and complexities of making employees redundant through a pandemic.…


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How to have great coaching conversations at work

There are many team-building benefits of the coaching leadership style, it identifies strengths, encourages learning, accelerates self-development, drives collaboration, increases engagement, improves performance, and that is by no means a comprehensive list.

That is why we want to share with you one of the tools of a coaching leader – the coaching conversation. Coaching conversations work a little…


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How to effectively manage short-timer syndrome

If you’ve ever managed employees who are working out their notice period, you are likely to be all too familiar with short-timer syndrome. It’s a condition used to describe the significant drop in productivity that comes when an employee has decided or been informed that they are leaving your company.

While not all employees take on the “dead employee walking” persona, many do drop their level of care and commitment, preventing you from capturing critical information and contacts or…


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The Emotional Impact of Redundancy

While the separation conversation can be difficult for you as an employer, not surprisingly, it’s even more challenging and confronting for the employee being made redundant.

To appropriately support your employees during this time, it’s important to have a greater understanding of what they will be experiencing and feeling upon learning about their involuntary redundancy.


The first reaction a…


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How to minimise HR stress during periods of high change

As the stress and conflict absorbers of an organisation, a HR professional’s day can be filled with high-pressure situations, hard conversations, tight deadlines and negative energy. It is no wonder your HR team are susceptible to burnout.

But as one of the most crucial teams in your organisation, you can’t afford for them to skip a beat. So how can you manage HR stress, particularly during high change periods like restructure and redundancy? Here are some tips to help.…


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Five team building benefits of the coaching leadership style

The benefits of coaching have long been proven in sports, but is there a place for it in leadership too? The answer is a definite YES!

If you want to encourage learning in your organisation, accelerate self-development in individuals, drive collaboration in your team and create a positive culture where employees are loyal and self-motivated, it might be time to change to the coaching leadership style.

Not sure if it is for you? Here are five team building benefits that coaching…


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Are you handling outplacement the right way?

There is a big challenge with outplacement services, and that is that for many organisations, it is quite often seen as a grudge purchase. And we’re not being unkind here.

With the wellbeing, performance and success of a transitioning employee no longer a direct impact on you or your bottom line, it can be easy not to show the level of care, support and proactivity that exiting employees need from you as…


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The four things you need to know to build an enviable employment brand

Gone are the days where top candidates eagerly await to hear from an employer. Now, thanks to skill shortages, workplace needs and technology advances, the very best candidates are in the position of power, often being able to choose the organisation they work for after receiving multiple job offers.

With attracting and retaining the best talent becoming even more critical to the growth and success of your organisation, now is the time to gain a competitive edge by building your…


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Changes in executive recruitment and why executive outplacement needs to adapt

We are operating in a business environment that is demanding more from our leaders than ever before. Executives need to be able to innovate, influence and pivot at an unprecedented rate all the while managing more significant risks, regulations and technological change.

It should come as no surprise then that executive recruitment is changing. Here are three changes that we have seen to executive recruitment and why your executive outplacement program needs to adapt to these trends if…


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How a career coach can help your ageing team with retirement planning

We are reaching a critical turning point in the workforce. Baby Boomers – the 5.5 million Australians born between 1946 and 1965 – are at or approaching retirement age. And the question on many employers’ lips is "How do I successfully transition my ageing workforce into retirement?"

While some employees look forward to their permanent vacation, others want to scale back and enjoy life or keep on working regardless, and as an employer, it isn’t always clear which group your ageing…


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How to successfully transition your ageing workforce into retirement

Retirement can be one of the most anticipated and life-changing life events in a person’s life. But while many people look forward to retirement at different times in their life, when the time comes it can impact them in ways they never considered. With usually fifty plus years in employment, the thought of suddenly not working can be fraught with many concerns.

Thankfully, as an employer, there are proactive ways you can help employees approaching this stage in their lives and ensure…


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