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How to Identify the Next Generation of Leaders

Organisations succeed by identifying, developing and retaining the best talent and leaders – but how do you know you have found them? Here are five characteristics to help you identify the next generation of leaders to secure the success of your organisation now and in the future.


The next generation of leaders will show great conviction. Conviction in their personal values and beliefs, in your organisation’s values and mission and the ideas and…


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Six qualities of great leaders

There are good leaders who drive growth, and there are great leaders who drive movements. What is the difference between them? Here are six qualities great leaders possess and how can you adopt them through your own leadership style.

1. Authenticity

While every great leader learns from the success of others and listens to the market they serve, they also never lose sight of who they are and what they bring to the table. Your principles, ideas, thoughts,…


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Six signs you are a change leader

In an increasingly competitive and changing business environment, your organisation needs a champion for change. Someone who will drive and manage change, anticipate and respond effectively to roadblocks, understand cultural dynamics and engage your team.

Could it be you? Contrary to popular opinion a change leader doesn’t need to be at the top of the company or even within the management team (though it certainly does help!). Here are six signs that you – or someone on your team… Continue

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The four biggest risks to your employment brand during transition - and how to minimise them

The pace of change in the business world continues to increase — and so do the risks of workplace change. Here are four risks to be aware of when transitioning employees to ensure your employment brand is protected.

1. Short-timer syndrome

Short-timer syndrome is often experienced when staff, who are waiting out their notice or redundancy period, become disengaged or indifferent and have a significant drop in productivity because they have no future with… Continue

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