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Three Costly Outplacement Mistakes

Staring into the eyes of a hardworking, loyal employee and breaking the news of their redundancy would have to be one of the most difficult parts of a HR professional’s job. That is why the topic of outplacement is so important, it is the last act a HR professional can do for an employee in need, and often the last memory a transitioning employee will take with them when they leave.

When it’s done right, it can have incredible results for both the company and a transitioning employee…


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How to get transitioning employees to see the opportunity in redundancy

It’s hard not to take redundancy personally even when you do see it coming. But the truth is in many cases redundancy can be a great opportunity to rediscover your skills, passions, and potential and explore job options that were previously never considered due to job security.

So how do you help your transitioning team to see the good in their redundancy while they are going through their transition period?

Remind them that it is the job that is redundant - not…


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Can you transition staff without hard feelings?

It’s a pressing question many organisations who are about to embark on change and restructure ask and the answer is yes – provided you have the right approach to redundancy.

At the end of the day transitioning employees want three things from employers – significance, support and sensitivity.


Unexpected redundancy can be a big blow to an employees…


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What transitioning employees need from employers to help them re-establish their career

Just imagine it, you’ve been called into a meeting with your boss, and they tell you that while you are a valued employee, you are no longer needed. Maybe you suspected it was coming, or perhaps it has caught you completely by surprise.

A lump in your throat forms. You think back to earlier in the morning as you were leaving your house blissfully unaware of what you would walk into. You want to go back there. The explanation your employer continues to give is muffled under the…


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How to create a more agile workforce

When you look at start-ups they are agile – they move fast, though as a company becomes larger, this agility often reduces. With a changing business environment, and the pressures of greater competition and higher customer demands your business can’t afford to slow down or put out anything less than your best.

So how do you create a more agile workforce? Here are four tips to help.

1. Inspire passion

Your team will always work harder, faster and better…


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How to create a future-proof, change ready organisation

With change becoming the new constant in business, it makes sense to future-proof your organisation and team to ensure business continuity and growth through both planned and unplanned disruptions.

But how do you go about planning for change when you may not know when it is coming or how it will present itself? Here are some steps you can regularly take with your team to ensure you future-proof your organisation.

Anticipate trends

To stay ahead of the…


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Why employee development is your greatest advantage in a changing business environment

With increased competition, accelerated change and more immediate demands from customers, you need a highly engaged team at the top of their game. By taking the time to develop your staff and carve out career pathways you build a stronger, smarter, more loyal organisation that is better equipped to handle the tasks, challenges and changes ahead.

Still not convinced that employee development is a worthwhile investment in your business right now? Here are four reasons developing your…


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Five costly onboarding mistakes to avoid

Hiring a new employee can be an exciting time for both you and your new team member. With significant time and money invested in building a good employment brand to attract the right person in, it only makes sense to give them a great onboarding experience. A good onboarding experience ensures they have access to the training, resources and support they need to flourish in their new role and stay for the long term.

Though unfortunately for many businesses, in their rush to get back to…


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How to Identify the Next Generation of Leaders

Organisations succeed by identifying, developing and retaining the best talent and leaders – but how do you know you have found them? Here are five characteristics to help you identify the next generation of leaders to secure the success of your organisation now and in the future.


The next generation of leaders will show great conviction. Conviction in their personal values and beliefs, in your organisation’s values and mission and the ideas and…


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Six qualities of great leaders

There are good leaders who drive growth, and there are great leaders who drive movements. What is the difference between them? Here are six qualities great leaders possess and how can you adopt them through your own leadership style.

1. Authenticity

While every great leader learns from the success of others and listens to the market they serve, they also never lose sight of who they are and what they bring to the table. Your principles, ideas, thoughts,…


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Six signs you are a change leader

In an increasingly competitive and changing business environment, your organisation needs a champion for change. Someone who will drive and manage change, anticipate and respond effectively to roadblocks, understand cultural dynamics and engage your team.

Could it be you? Contrary to popular opinion a change leader doesn’t need to be at the top of the company or even within the management team (though it certainly does help!). Here are six signs that you – or someone on your team… Continue

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The four biggest risks to your employment brand during transition - and how to minimise them

The pace of change in the business world continues to increase — and so do the risks of workplace change. Here are four risks to be aware of when transitioning employees to ensure your employment brand is protected.

1. Short-timer syndrome

Short-timer syndrome is often experienced when staff, who are waiting out their notice or redundancy period, become disengaged or indifferent and have a significant drop in productivity because they have no future with… Continue

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How to Keep Your Team Motivated Through Transition

When employees don’t know the day or hour of their departure and experience emotional turmoil around leaving, it can be hard to keep them productive and focused in their role. So how do you keep your team motivated when they know they are leaving?

Here are four tips to help you engage your transitioning team and protect your employment brand in the process.

1. Keep your team informed

By keeping the lines of communication open, you can significantly…


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The right way to break redundancy news

Let’s face it; staring into the eyes of a hardworking, loyal employee and breaking the news of their redundancy is never an easy conversation to have, but there are some ways to reduce the sting and ensure they have a smooth career transition.

Plan the conversation

If you don’t break redundancy news in a compassionate manner you can make your staff member’s transition more difficult, their notice period more awkward and your work environment more…


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