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Curb finance related stress this year


For the fifth year in a row, Australians have rated financial issues as the top cause of stress according to Australian Psychological Society’s recent Stress and Wellbeing survey. Anxiety symptoms in 2015 were the highest they have been in five years with an alarming 35 per cent reporting a significant level of stress in their life. With…


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Practice mindfulness this holiday season


The mindfulness wave is sweeping across the Australian corporate world with many large companies all undertaking corporate-based mindfulness programs. The holiday break is an important time for recuperation in preparation for the year ahead, reinforcing the importance of practicing mindfulness throughout the holidays.

According to Australian Productivity Commission data, while workplace…


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Help prevent violence against women this White Ribbon Day

2.1 million Australian women and 1.2 million men have experienced emotional abuse by a partner according to recent data1. This startling statistic that one in every four women has experienced domestic abuse is truly shocking and when we consider this figure is likely under-reported due to the perceptions of…


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Promote Good Mental Health

World Mental Health Day (Saturday, October 10th) aims to raise public awareness of mental health issues around the world and this years’ campaign encourages people to take ownership of their own mental health and wellbeing. The campaign looks to;

  1. Encourage help seeking behaviour
  2. Reduce the stigma associated with mental…

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Ask RUOK? everyday

People struggle with mental health issues 365 days per year. People we love, people we work with, people we know. The national focus on mental health issues achieved through the R U OK? Day each year helps remind us to check in with family, friends and colleagues, to show support and ask if they are okay when we notice something is not right.…


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Preparing your business for an ageing workforce

AccessEAP CEO Sally Kirkright talks about preparing for an ageing workforce with Peter Switzer.

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Financial Stress

If you are feeling stressed thinking about your finances - you are not alone. Here are some tips to help you manage financial related stress.

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Let's talk about mental health in the workplace

Read how you and your organisation can improve mental health in the workplace:

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Supporting employees through a critical incident

While it is something that most managers won’t have to deal with in their career, at times situations can arise in the workplace which can be traumatic to employees or have the potential to be traumatic for managers. We call this type of situation a Critical Incident and examples include armed robbery, assault, threats of harm, accidental injury or death. These incidents tend to be rare in most jobs however if they do occur, they can cause psychological distress, or trauma. There are some…


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Tips to help keep up good habits throughout the year

Summer holidays allow us to switch off and become refreshed, recuperated and re-energised. The time off can not only give us the opportunity to break any bad habits we have gained during the past year, it also gives us a chance to establish good habits and set new goals for the year ahead.

The return to work can be an obstacle to maintaining these goals as we no longer have the same free time for regular gym visits or…


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Managers need additional support to meet increasing demands of role

With the changing demographics of today’s workplace, the role of the manager is ever evolving and the demands on their all-encompassing role ever increasing. Managers are now facing a multitude of challenges; trying to maintain high levels of productivity in a competitive business climate and ensuring their workforce is engaged and healthy. In order for managers to be able to meet the demands of their role, additional training and support is needed.



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Invest in workplace health and wellbeing programs to improve your bottom line

Reduce employee risk of depression and anxiety by 25 per cent with physical health program

With Mental Health Awareness Month in October, Sally Kirkright, CEO, AccessEAP is calling on business owners and managers to introduce structured health and wellbeing programs into the workplace to reap the business benefits.

Mental health costs Australian employers $10.9 billion a year and absenteeism due to mental…


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