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“That’s just Mike” - Why this phrase could spell trouble in your workplace

In over a decade as a workplace investigator, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard the phrase, “That’s just John” or “That’s just Jane. That’s just how she is.” from the co-workers of bullies and harassers. 

It’s a phrase that sounds, at worst, dismissive and, at best, accepting of a co-worker’s frankly…


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Independent workplace investigations - Why they matter

Investigating workplace misconduct complaints and disputes between employees can be a complex and time-consuming task. And if these investigations are not conducted well, they can have serious negative…


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When a Resignation Turns into Unfair (Constructive) Dismissal

One of your employees has resigned and now they’re accusing you of unfair dismissal! Why?

When your employee resigns, beware. There may be reasons behind their resignation that you are not aware of and a claim for ‘constructive dismissal’ may be on the horizon. 

Generally, constructive dismissal occurs when the employer ignores or violates the contract of employment, creating an environment that the employee reasonably finds intolerable or untenable.



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