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The Big Problem with Workplace Germs and How to Fix it

In a busy workplace, germs are present on every surface. We spend so much time at work, and around our co-workers that it just makes good sense for us to protect ourselves from germs and bacteria, especially those causing colds and flu.

Read on for a few hints and tips for protecting yourself and others while at work.

Antibacterial Surface Wipes – the growing popularity of hot desking in recent years should put these at the top of your workplace “must-haves”…


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7 tips to help boost office productivity

Staying productive can be a challenge. Every time the work day ends odds are you feel unsatisfied with what you’ve accomplished.

In your quest for improved productivity it is inevitable you’ll encounter factors that may weaken or extinguish your motivation and dampen productivity. We can help combat these problems with a combination of intelligent planning and focused efforts.

Here are seven tips to help you improve your productivity in the office.

1. Streamline…


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3 Ways to be More Socially Responsible in Business

A company with a big heart and good citizenry shows its customers that it is a company that cares, that is not just there for the profit. This in turn breeds trust and loyalty in customers. A successful company will have in place socially responsible and transparent values for each of their stakeholders including employees, customers and investors. 

Social responsibility is the suggestion that we, as either individuals or in business, have an obligation to act for the benefit of…


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The 3 best technology items for SMEs

New technology presents SMEs with the potential to grow their business and find new ways of operating efficiently. By utilising innovative technology, SMEs are able to streamline their day to day processes and eliminate manual tasks, such as filing.

In 2016, Gartner noted that Australian SMEs spend an estimated $52,000 per year on new technology, and have made a large contribution to the growth of the Australian tech market, which has grown by 2.8 per cent to reach…


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The key to running a successful meeting

Meetings are a powerful tool that are widely misunderstood. Given the frustration most people feel when their time is wasted, gaining a reputation for running efficient and successful meetings is good for you and your career.

Running a successful meeting is more than sending out a notice that your team is to meet at a particular time and place. Successful meetings need structure and order, without these elements, they can drag on and not accomplish a thing.

So what makes a…


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Why you should create an agile workspace

It’s important for everyone to be responsive, efficient and effective in their work, especially with how demanding our world has become. This might be difficult for some, but it can be made easier by adopting a flexible workplace that promotes the ability to work in an agile way.

Agile working means to be productive and flexible no matter where you are. As the days of having to sit behind a desk all day begin to disappear, employees are now able to complete tasks and respond to emails…


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7 common workplace hazards and how to best manage them

Australian businesses are bound by a legal responsibility to protect their employees in their workplace, but with so many health and safety requirements, and products to do the job it's easy to get snowed under.

To make things easier it's best to start with an idea of the hazards present in your workplace. Of course it's going to be different for every business so doing your research and making a list of your particulars is a must.

Here is a list…


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Helpful tips for fitting out your office

Whether it’s because you’re moving office or undertaking a refurbishment, how you go about fitting out your office can have a big impact on workplace productivity, employee engagement and also brand perceptions.

Fitting out an office can also be a stressful time. There’s a lot to think about including whether the new office will adapt as the business grows and evolves, the type of furniture and technology to invest in, making sure the fitout results in an efficient and prosperous…


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