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Finding the Third Space and making it count

Finding Space and making it count.

I recently saw a post on social media from a friend who was lamenting the fact that she hasn’t read nearly as much as usual recently. Working from home, without her usual train commute, there just wasn’t the same opportunity to read.

Then I happened upon an article on the Third Space.

What’s the Third Space?

The Third Space is the time between doing one thing and starting another, like the space between being at work and…


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Re-Entry without burning up

Re-entry without burning up

When a spacecraft re-enters the atmosphere, they have to get the speed and angle just right if they are to avoid burning up. We suggest this will also be the case when re-entering the workplace. Too much, too soon, and you’ll risk having a bunch of anxious and unhappy team members. You will need to have the right things in place, and the…


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Cultural Plasticity - How well have you adapted?

Those of us who can have now been working from home for close to a month so it’s time to assess, how well have you adapted? Organisations with “Cultural Plasticity” can adapt easily to change. These organisations are doing better than others in holding connection and engaging their employees.



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