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How L&D Is Holding Itself Back From Digital Transformation

Technology has been commonplace in L&D for decades but in an age in which digital is transforming organisations – and even industries –…


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The Future of Learning Technology

You will have undoubtably read many ‘future of learning’ articles that predict the means and mechanisms for learning, extrapolating peripheral technologies that are entering the vernacular of L&D, but this article is different. This isn’t a crass oversimplification of technologies but a means of extending L&D’s expectation of…


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“We Want Training!”: When Client Expectations Stop L&D From Modernising

One of the most common phrases I hear from L&D professionals is:

“We want to modernise and use more digital but our clients expect, and just ask for, training.”

So, how do you change their minds to be able do something else – something more effective – instead?

The short answer…


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The #1 Mistake We’re All Making In L&D

‘Learning Needs’ are too often identified from afar. Whether it’s from our organisation’s leaders; department heads; line managers; or from others in HR. We’ve all been there:

“Hi L&D, our managers need to be better coaches, could you deliver us a course, please?”

On the surface, this request seems pretty reasonable – and…


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How Translating ‘Business Needs’ Into ‘Learning Needs’ Is Causing Misalignment

L&D people speak about business alignment as a key strategic priority but how are we not aligned already? We work inside the organisation and work closely with its people – so what’s going wrong?

Misalignment occurs as soon as we translate ‘business needs’ into ‘learning needs’, which is usually right at the very outset of our conversations with…


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How Digital Learning Is Working In Retail

I don’t need to tell you that the retail landscape has changed dramatically in recent years.

Whilst online retailers, such as Amazon and ASOS, have been huge winners online, many traditional retailers have struggled to find their place in the modern world – and a large number of those have been lost from the high street, for good. In the UK …


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3 Steps To Better, Faster, Easier, Cheaper And Less Risky L&D

As we approach the summer holidays, I want to plant a seed with you that will give you hope, optimism and greater belief in the impact of our function.

We read and hear, everyday, that L&D is changing and that we need to catch upor re-skill but there’s more to it than that…

The only…


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The Important Distinction Between ‘Digital’ and ‘Technology-Enabled’ Learning

We’ve used electronic technologies in L&D since the days of the overhead projector (see picture above), when we took pride in creating beautiful and alluring acetates to compliment our classroom training.

Since then, PowerPoint and projectors, videos, e-learning,…


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How To Choose The Best LMS For Your Organisation

If you want to know how to choose the best LMS for your organisation, here’s your answer…

There isn’t one.

I’m not being facetious either.

I’m willing to bet that, with all information in front of them, no-one in your organisation really wants an LMS. Even L&D, generally, want an LMS – or at least they think they do – in the…


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Next Generation L&D: From ‘Learning’ To ‘Performance’

A trend I’m seeing more and more, and which is reflected in the latest Bersin By Deloitte  ‘Market Trends’ Keynote, is L&D’s shift in focus from ‘learning outcomes’ to the complex and individually experienced reality of the work…


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Why We’re STILL All Trying To Fix Company Induction

It seems to me that everybody is trying to fix Company Induction. I hear this from contacts, clients and it’s often a topic of conversation on LinkedIn:

“Has anybody got any ideas on modernising induction?”

I remember this perpetual cycle of fixing induction myself from my in-house days. In fact, it was what I was hired to…


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The ‘Less-Time-For-Better-Results’ Induction

Anybody who’s delivered Induction programmes before will know that, far too often, they’re packed full of content that new starters couldn’t possibly remember.

Organisations seem intent on overwhelming new starters with everything they need them to know on Day One:

“Our company…


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Are shorter attention spans hampering your best efforts In L&D?

“According to scientists, the age of smartphones has left humans with such a short attention span even a goldfish can hold a thought for longer” The Daily Telegraph, 2015

We know this, right? We’ve read the…


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What motivates people to learn online at work?

I asked this question to a group of 20 or so L&D folks last week. The responses I got back included:

  • Accessibility
  • Speed
  • Ease
  • It’s ‘free’
  • It’s just-in-time
  • They don’t have to leave their desks

Did you notice anything missing from that list? What do you think is the number one reason that people want to learn online at work?

According to …


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Eliminate the Forgetting Curve with Digital

The modern age continues to present us with challenges and opportunities when it comes to being at our most productive. The speed at which technology is advancing means that many companies and brands are faced with very real productivity challenges. How do you stay competitive in a market that is constantly undergoing change and evolution? At the same time, we’re presented with myriad of ways that people can be more productive, both personally and professionally. The challenge for the modern…


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What Is E-Learning Today?

In the L&D world, e-learning today can sometimes be seen as the poor cousin to instructor-led training. It’s mostly because when we think about e-learning we think about the boring compliance courses we’re expected to complete to protect against organisational risk. Very rarely does that form of learning solution serve the purpose it’s intended for.

In the…


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How Do We Get Employees To Adopt Technology For Learning?

Classroom training can seem like a real treat. Especially when we consider that more than 3 quarters of people haven’t attended a course in the last two years. But if they’re not attending courses (even if they like them), then how are they developing themselves? If they are like you and I …


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10 Years Of The iPhone And L&D Has Some Learning To Do

It’s unlikely to have escaped your attention over the last week that it’s 10 years since the iPhone was first unveiled. This is significant whether it’s your smartphone of choice or not, as it has provided the blueprint for subsequent handsets, tablets and phablets ever since.

But, as innovative as the technology was (and still is), it’s the way that smartphones…


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Are you supporting employees with their work rather than their learning?

If, like many of your L&D peers, employees in your organisation tell you they prefer classroom training, it’s important to understand their preference in relation to the perceived alternatives. I say this because I don’t know anybody who hasn’t had their perception of online learning tarnished by some dreadfully tedious and wholly ineffective e-learning at some point or another. But before you go searching for better e-learning, it’s important to also recognise employee preferences, not…


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The Empowered Learner

Workplace learning has changed dramatically in the past ten years and technology has been the primary driver of that change. However, it has not necessarily been learning solutions supplied by organisations that have been the game-changer. The way that technology has enabled workers to self-direct their learning has been the significant factor. Whether it’s been…


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