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How secure is your data in the cloud?

Data security is increasingly becoming an issue of concern, particularly with more business activity being facilitated by the internet, for instance, transactions, data storage and business applications. And with businesses utilising cloud computing in growing numbers, naturally security around how data is stored in the cloud is an issue.

Generally security measures offered by cloud providers are good and many have invested heavily in this area. As security measures for cloud…


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Public versus private cloud

More and more businesses are moving away from on-premise servers and infrastructure, and instead adopting a total cloud IT environment.

And like many businesses, you’re probably thinking about how your business could be further leveraging the cloud to increase efficiency and reduce running costs.

Having your entire IT environment in the cloud reduces the need to host, update, maintain or backup IT environments, so you no longer have to invest in on-premise servers, expensive…


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3 cloud computing trends affecting businesses right now

It was only a few years ago that if you asked a business leader if they were using the cloud, they would only have a vague idea about what that meant. But today cloud computing has become part of the everyday business landscape.

In Australia, it is estimated that 76 per cent of businesses are utilising cloud computing (StollzNow Research), with 46 per cent of non-cloud users planning to use cloud services in the future. Thanks to this growth, the market for cloud services was…


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