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Employee witness support for employer’s actions essential in FWC

The widely reported decision of Commissioner Stanton in William F v Mt Arthur Coal Pty Ltd [2015] FWC 2343 highlights the importance of witnesses participating in the FWC’s hearing processes.

Employees raising concerns about workplace issues or incidents must not only be willing to complain, but also to then support the employer who acts in relation to that complaint once the matter comes to trial.  Employers too, must also create an environment that is…


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The Importance of WHS Training During Employee Induction

The implementation and delivery of a work health and safety (WHS) induction program is an important part of the development of a positive workplace health safety and culture for an organisation.

While induction programs are a way for employers to introduce new employees to their organisation, a WHS induction program is an equally essential step in the new…


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A Cautionary Tale About Employees & Twitter

In April 2015 Mr Scott McIntyre, a SBS reporter and presenter, made headlines for posting a series of tweets about ANZAC day that were considered by many to be highly inappropriate and disrespectful. 

It is important to note that Mr McIntyre’s twitter profile stated that he was an SBS presenter permitting the assumption that his tweets were approved/endorsed/encouraged by his employer (SBS) and not just his personal opinion.

As a result of those tweets, Mr McIntyre was sacked…


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The Value of Pre-Employment Medical Examinations

Organisations have obligations to ensure the health and safety of their employees.  One way for organisations to manage the risks is by making use of pre-employment medicals (PEMs). 

For an organisation to utilise PEMs effectively it is important they understand:

  • The purpose for the assessment – why do you need to perform the PEM?

  • What is to be achieved from the PEM?

  • Is the…


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