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How to introduce policies in the workplace

[This post originally appeared on the Perkbox blog]
What's stopping companies from introducing wellness initiatives or taking your birthday off is often as simple as not having a policy in place for it. Policies can be deceptively simple to create and implement, here's…

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Which metrics to track when it comes to employee engagement

[This blog originally appeared on Perkbox, the world's fastest growing employee happiness platform]

Rather than asking employees "are you happy", HR and People and Culture should be looking into a number of other factors without needing to confront employees at all.

If your employees are unengaged, they won't…


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Apple and Aldi, the most ‘actively’ searched companies for jobs in Australia, over the last three years

Perkbox, Europe’s fastest growing employee experience platform, that recently launched in Australia, and SEMrush, a marketing analytics SaaS platform, have teamed up to find out some…


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What is situational leadership?

[This is from the Perkbox blog]

Situational leadership theory purports that there is no single best style of leadership. Its fundamental principal is that the most effective leaders adapt their style of leadership based on the current climate of their company and on the development of their employees.



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The ultimate personal development plan guide + free templates

Has a team member told you they feel static and passive in their role?

This is where personal development comes in. Personal development is about stopping you from getting stuck in a rut. About getting you out of that…


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