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Assessing the Ideal Team Player

What makes an ideal team player?  What qualities would you want them to demonstrate?  How do you assess job applicants or even current members of your team, to make sure that they have the qualities you want?  

I frequently get asked these questions because it is a constant challenge for managers to select the best candidates for the job, especially in a very…


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Bad is stronger than good

Is your fear of losing out clouding your thinking?  Are you persisting with a poor strategy just because you have invested a lot of time, effort or money in it?   Our evolutionary hard-wiring and hyper-sensitivity to danger and loss has helped us survive and become the most successful species on the planet, but this ancient survival strategy can inhibit growth and…


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How is distance affecting your thinking?

Your perception of distance has a profound effect on your thinking and decision making.  When a tragedy occurs in a particular neighbourhood people often say we didn’t expect that ‘here’.  We are so used to hearing about awful things happening in distant places but when it happens in our own neighbourhood we are far more shocked.  This is very understandable.  The…


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Are you limited by the people around you?

You are being limited by the experience of the people around you.  Many Leadership teams fall into the Thinking Trap of Experience because they believe that once a subject or idea is discussed and debated by the team it is sufficient to make a good decision.  Sadly, most Leadership teams are lacking the necessary diversity to fully consider the complexities of the…


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The Thinking Trap of Expedience

Even President Trump has had to admit that things are more complicated than he initially thought!  While this is no surprise to most of us, many people don’t even notice that their brain is massively simplifying the complexities of the world they live in just to make some sense of it.  What are you over-simplifying? 

 The Brexit arguments for the UK’s Leave…


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The Thinking Trap of Similarity

What media do you consume?  Who do you listen to?  Whose opinions do you agree or disagree with?  One of the key skills of living in the 21st century is being able to filter the vast amount of data, information, opinion and highly sophisticated marketing that are bombarding us almost every waking hour.  In order to make any sense of it all we are constantly…


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The 5 Thinking Traps

All your decisions are biased!  This is a simple fact that we all need to get more used to.  If we don’t we are in danger of allowing a lot of automatic, and often unhelpful, patterns of thinking influence the major decisions we make. This could be anything from recruiting for a key role in our business or choosing a key supplier, to making a critical strategic decision…


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3 Steps to having a Happy Boss

Effective management requires discipline . . . but not necessarily the discipline you think – I’m talking about self-discipline. I’ve recently been doing a lot of Executive Coaching for Senior Managers and Directors and there is a common theme that frequently comes up . . . ‘ wanting some quality time with the boss. However, this is actually a double-edged…


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7 tips for Managing Moaners

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to have a talent for complaining and moaning?  There is always something wrong or they feel that it’s always another person who is causing all the problems in their life.  They tend to wallow in victimhood and feel everything is unfair.  If not managed, these individuals can quickly create a toxic environment and drag the rest…


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Lack of trust is damaging your business – here’s how to fix it

The current lack of trust is a major issue in many organisations.  In their 2016 Global CEO Survey PwC reported that 55% of CEOs think that a lack of trust is a serious threat to their organisation’s growth.  Sadly, most of them of them have done little to improve it because they are not sure where to start. 

Well help is at hand.  Neuroscientists are now using…


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Are your decisions creating unintended consequences?

Are your decisions creating unintended consequences?  If they are you may need to review how much you need to control the decision-making process in your business.  Are you the only one who really makes decisions or do you seek to collaborate? 

Authoritarian Tendencies

We are currently witnessing an extraordinary change in international politics with some…


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Is fear stealing your peoples’ resourcefulness?

Fear can be useful - it keeps us safe when there is real physical danger, but it can also be very detrimental because it can steal our resourcefulness just when we need it most.  How is your behaviour as a leader and manager impacting on the resourcefulness your people?…


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The danger of certainty in an uncertain world

Is your business in danger of you or your team being so certain that the truth gets rejected?  We are entering a world of post-truth in politics – the truth no longer appears to matter and the people with the most certainty in their position seem to win. 

The outcome of the UK referendum and US Presidential elections were shocking because they were largely…


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The 4 critical shifts for success in the 21st Century

These days most leaders struggle to find time to focus; time to think things through.  The background noise of news outlets combined with the relentless production of social media is creating a chronic sense of [ ‘Read more . . .‘] overwhelm and then there is the daily tsunami of email. 

Leadership is all about making decisions and wise decision-making…


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Understanding the Flip Side of Communication

There is a flip side to your communication that is often below your conscious awareness.  By raising awareness of your preferences you can become even more effective.  Most politicians are unbalanced but not in the way you may think. They often answer questions and speak in a manner that makes it difficult to understand what they actually mean.  Their strong desire to…


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Reflections on imperfection – and my 100th article

Perfection is a killer.  Or should I say ‘seeking’ perfection is a killer.  There are many stories of people who try to perfect their ideas, writing, product or service before putting them out there and in doing so miss the opportunities to sell or improve and change the lives of others.   

Understanding the fear

But I fully understand the fear of putting…


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What is your level of Strategic Acumen?

Reality and strategic acumen went out the window during the referendum campaigns for the UK to leave or remain in the EU. Both camps were very polarised between people who seemed to be blindly optimistic about the opportunities of going it alone and others who had severe scepticism about the economic impact of having to renegotiate hundreds of trade and security…


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Tips for making wiser decisions

It was fascinating to observe the way the debates in the EU referendum unfolded and how people were making decisions about which way to vote. In the end it was almost impossible to differentiate fact from fiction on both sides.  Sadly (in my opinion) that meant that many people voted purely on emotion and not just any emotion, but deep feelings that had been triggered…


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Are you being too helpful for your own good?

One of the greatest challenges of leadership is how to use the level of power you have to ensure mutual needs are met.  This is the key to enduring and positive relationships.  While it’s great to be helpful, if it’s not balanced it can lead to unintended consequences like not achieving the key result you are accountable for because they require your attention…


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Tips to Prevent Emotional Hijacking

We are often very quick to judge the silly mistakes of others but we are all prone to making errors of judgement, it’s just your brain at work.  It is easy to get wound up when you suddenly have to deal with an irate client because one of your team made a simple error, especially when the mistake should have been easy to avoid.  But your emotions can just as easily trip you…


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