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Understanding the 7 reasons why people don’t do things

As the economy begins to show signs of recovery in a number of areas everyone is under increasing pressure to perform even though resources are stretched to the limit.  Customers and clients are becoming even more demanding and ‘good’ is no longer good enough.  Your products and services need to be ‘excellent’ just to survive. 

This means constant evolution and improvement but some people just don’t do what you ask. 

There is a list of 7 reasons why people don’t do things and…


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How to engage your people with Compassionate Power

As we begin to see the green shoots of recovery and a drop in unemployment, the labour market will once again become more active.  What are you doing to engage and keep your best people while continuing to be firm and fair with any underperformance? 

The deepest recession in living memory led to a shift in management style from easy-going to a far more authoritarian style.  This may have been necessary in order to make some drastic changes to business models and tighten business…


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