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Do you have Inspired Working Relationships?

Almost every problem at work boils down to the quality of relationships.  This can range from the relationships we have with shareholders and clients to the relationships we have with our line manager, colleagues and those who report to us, but it also includes our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with our work. 

It could even be said that “The level of success we achieve at work is in direct proportion to the quality of our relationships”.  There are four cylinders…


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Break the Rules!

It’s excellent managers – not pay, benefits, perks or a charismatic leader – that are critical to building a strong, high performing workplace.   Great managers are not only catalysts and translators, they consistently break the rules of conventional wisdom! 

Despite the hundreds of thousands of books on the subject, nobody really knows what being a good manager is any more, and the flat-structure and re-engineering brigades don’t seem to care.  Conventional wisdom tells us that the…


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Relationships or Results – What’s your Focus?

Is work about getting results no matter what?  Or is it the quality of working relationships that really leads to success?  We each have deep motivational preferences that drive our behaviour and focus our attention.  If they are neglected or ignored they can lead to problems that undermine understanding and success.  

I was recently listening to a misunderstanding between two Directors.  One of them, let’s call her Linda, was frustrated by a particular member of staff not achieving…


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Are you ensuring that your feedback is being heard?

Giving effective feedback to an underperforming team member is a key skill for any manager and yet it is still frequently misunderstood.  The latest research in neuroscience is shedding some light on how we can improve the impact of our feedback and turn performance around.

Feedback is very similar to motivation in that it is very individual.   Some people like their feedback frank and to the point others need a more encouraging approach or else they will become overwhelmed with a…


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