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The Problem with Positive Thinking

In a classic business context it is usual to have things like Key Performance Indicators, Targets or Critical Success Factors and it is always recommended that these should be SMART.  But there is a lot more to achieving a goal than simply applying the SMART acronym.  I have been a student of applied psychology for over 20 years now and I am always curious about finding the difference that makes the difference.  

There is so much hype around these days about the ‘Power of Positive…


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Are you a Player or a Pawn?

It’s your choice

We all make our own reality.  Whether you believe this or not, you are always right.  You simply select specific evidence in your experiences of others or of a situation as proof for your beliefs.  It is usually done way below your conscious awareness and can help or hinder your ability to respond effectively, because no matter what your situation, you see…


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When Rapport is not enough

While rapport is very important, sometimes it is not enough.  By listening carefully to the words people use to express themselves we can identify a number of motivational traits that can help us to understand, predict and influence the behaviour of others. 

Too many communication seminars or trainings focus on rapport. They are often full of exercises about body language, voice tone and pace and the frequently misquoted research by Mehrabian; that the meaning of communication is 55%…


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Do you have the crucial skill for the 21st Century?

While there is some talk of recovery there are still lots of economic traps ahead.  Success in today’s workplace is not only about your level of skill and competence; it’s about how quickly you can recover from setbacks and learn from mistakes . . . 

It’s about developing resilience. 

More businesses fail as an economy comes out of recession than during its peak because they are stripped to the bone and don’t have the resources or skills to cope with growth or unexpected…


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