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The Structure of Disappointment (or even misery)

Is there a part of your work (or your life) where you are overplaying your strengths?  It is useful to consider that what can be a strength in one context can lead to frustration and upset in another.  

For example, there is a time and a place for following procedures to the letter; to ensure standards are met or to ensure we avoid falling foul of regulations.  Some people who have this as a strength are also very methodical and specific about planning and scheduling, but the trouble…


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Are your emotions helping or hindering performance?

Your emotions are setting the standards in your business because the performance of your team is like a mirror of your inner state of consciousness.  If you want to change their performance you need to change the way you are thinking about it. 

The way you feel is being scrutinised on a day to day, if not on an hour by hour, basis by your people because their brains are hyper-sensitive to it.  It is not personal; it’s just the way human brains are wired.  

It was only as…


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Are You In A Rabbit Warren Or A Helicopter?

It takes all types to make up a successful business.  I have a number of clients where one of the top team is the ideas person and there are others who make things happen.  I’ve always been intrigued by what makes these relationships successful - or fraught with difficulty. 

A while ago I was chatting with my wife, Pam, about her work.  She is a University Lecturer and Consultant in Quantitative Statistical Methodology which is a very academic field.  Put simply it’s about getting…


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Training is a waste of Time and Money

Most training is a waste of time and money because senior management have not given it enough thought.  They often look at it in isolation as a way to ‘fix’ other people and neglect the most important aspects including their own role in the process.  

Back in the mid 1990’s when I started as Learning and Development Manager at the Waldorf Hotel in London, Senior Managers would often say that their Middle Managers were underperforming so I should train them.  However, after the…


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