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What to do when people don't respond to feedback?

Research has shown that about 40% of people at work ignore or even resist feedback.  They make judgements based on their own internally held standards and don’t give much credence to the opinions of others.  But there is a way to influence them . . . 

In a previous blog I gave an example of a member of staff who needed a lot of feedback in order to stay motivated, she had an 'External' motivation trait.  Her manager was able to improve her performance by setting up a simple way of…


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Are your people floundering from lack of feedback?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of ‘treating people as you want to be treated’.  On one level it may make sense, but there is no one who is exactly like you. We all have our unique experience of life that gives us our particular set of idiosyncrasies and our own particular motivational preferences.  If our motivational preferences are not met, we feel it at the deepest levels and it can have a dramatic impact on our performance. 

The trouble with these motivational preferences is that…


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A Crisis in Thinking?

How are you dealing with the crisis in thinking?

The relentless pressure to do more in less time is creating a crisis in thinking.  Are we depriving ourselves of the very thing that will help us truly resolve the problems that beset any business?   By endlessly fighting symptoms rather than getting to root causes, we are in danger of becoming overwhelmed by urgency and neglecting what is really important.  How are you addressing this critical…


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Developing Positive Intelligence

It was pitch dark and cold as we scrambled up Mount Batur at 4.30am.  We were in a rush to the top of the Volcano up in the Balinese highlands to see the spectacular sunrise that greets the people who endure the vigorous climb.  At full pelt, my lungs were straining to get more air and my leg and thigh muscles were beginning to feel the build-up of lactic acid.  Being fit was helping but I was surprised that as different thoughts passed through my mind they had an immediate effect on my…


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Raising Accountability

There is no hiding place in small and medium sized businesses. Everyone plays a critical role and needs to pull their weight, yet I regularly hear Directors and Business Owners complain about a lack of accountability. So who is responsible for holding people to account?

Being courageous

As a manager of others, be that Managing Director, team leader or professional expert you can’t just dump accountability on people. They need to accept it and take it on board. If there…


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