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Are you serious about delivering results?

“If you are not measuring it, you are telling people that you are not serious about delivering it.”  When I heard this quote at a conference it sent a ripple of unrest and shuffling through the audience and a lively debate ensued.  What are you actually measuring in your business?  What are you doing with the data?  Is it creating the behaviours and results you want?

Measurement can be a double-edged sword, get it right and you will have razor sharp information that drives success,…


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What's really required in a role?

Recently I had an interesting issue where a client (lets’ call him Harry) was having trouble recruiting for a key position that is often mis-understood; the role of ‘Office Manager’.   It’s amazing how many different job descriptions I have seen for this role!  Ranging from mainly acting as an accountant, to being responsible for Marketing the business.   As you know, these are vastly different roles and require quite different characteristics, skills and traits.  

Harry is a classic…


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How can you achieve more by doing less?

While many of my clients are mentioning how tough the current trading environment is, everyone is exceptionally busy!  There seems to be a lethal combination of short deadlines making everything urgent, top customers becoming even more demanding, restrictions on recruitment and tempers getting frayed.  Yet you can only achieve more by doing less . . .

The knock-on effects and hidden costs of all this busyness – if not properly managed – are more mistakes, misunderstandings and…


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