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We don't care how good you are unless you’re nice

First impressions count. Research by Associate Professor Amy Cuddy, and her pals from Harvard Business School, tells us that people judge us based on our warmth before our competency. This means that if your first impression is not warm or likeable then you have a much harder task gaining people's trust in your…


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Use this simple trick to avoid an argument

Disagreements often occur at a concrete level of communication. People get stuck on the details which highlight the differences in their thinking and this can push them further apart and into their own corners.

When aiming for agreement you need to bring the conversation up to a conceptual level and out of the detail. The…


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Drop the ‘but’ to double your influence

Often when speak we don’t realise how the simplest word choice can have a major impact on our listener’s response and sometimes it’s contrary to the outcome we want. The word ‘but’ is a great example of this. According to the dictionary the word ‘but’ is ‘used to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting what has…


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What your feet tell us about your feelings

Can I join your conversation? Is this presentation engaging? The real answer to these questions can be found in the position of the feet. This sounds a bit weird I know, but paying attention to the position of people’s feet gives us a lot of information about their internal feelings. Because feet are the furthest thing from the centre of the body, they are often…


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But that’s not what I meant!!

Who cares! Quite frankly it doesn't matter what you meant, it only matters what the other person heard. The quicker we come to grips with this the happier we will all be. I know this can be tough. I recently wrote a white paper and sent it around to my trusted colleagues for feedback. I got some very clear feedback around a set of questions I had included.…


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The 7 reasons people talk over the top of others

Watch my short video here and continue reading below...

Rant alert! I hate fighting for airtime in conversations. (Who’s with me??)…


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Mood makers and mood takers

Watch my short video here and continue reading below...

Our emotional states are contagious. How you feel in any given moment leaks out into the atmosphere and infects other people. So to speak. We have cells in our bodies called mirror neurons. They allow us to tap into the feelings, thoughts and intentions of others just by observing them. They are responsible for what…


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Distinctions of 'Teamwork' explained

My brother recently started a new job as an Assistant Professor. In the job interview the hiring panel asked him how he felt about ‘team work’. He responded positively, commenting that in his field, group work was not only necessary for a great result but he also…


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Reading between the lines - The ultimate performance advantage

Reading between the lines is about the desire and the ability to look beyond the obvious. It’s about digging below the surface to understand what’s going on with people in order to create better connections and better outcomes.

The need to read between the lines is supported by three critical ideas that drive performance at work:

1/ Awareness of self – intrapersonal intelligence

2/ Awareness of others and the need to influence and engage – interpersonal or social…


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What your emotions tell you about other people

In a recent coaching session Melanie* was reflecting on her experiences on different boards throughout the year. Something that she said really stood out to me and a valuable insight was discovered.
"Most of my board experiences have been really rewarding. I felt like I made a real contribution and that my skills were valued. There was…

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