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How the Coronavirus Pandemic Will Change the Way We Work

The coronavirus is making us have to reevaluate our entire approach to the workplace organization and work in general. It affects the workers, the office managers and the corporations/organizations, as a whole. Sometimes, however, a temporary measure may grow into something else entirely. For instance, remote work was practised even before the pandemic. So, now that it has turned into a global experiment, it is questionable whether the employers will force…


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A Stress-Free Room in the Workplace for Improved Productivity

Boosting productivity is the goal of every company. This is easier said than done, as there are numerous factors at play, employees’ stress being just one of them. Luckily, you can reduce the stress your workers are exposed to by creating a leisure room where they would…


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How to Redesign Your Office to Motivate Your Employees

Motivating employees and making them feel good and comfortable in their workplace is the most important job of every employer. One of the ways to keep your employees motivated and productive is by having a good office design. 

Yes, you read that right. The design of an office contributes a lot to the motivation and good vibes. So, in order to keep your people happy, productive and motivated think about redesigning…


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How to conduct an effective company training session

 A good leader is not just a person who effectively runs a company. Being a good leader means that you’ll do your best to constantly improve the skills and work of employees as well as your own. In order to provide the necessary education for your team, you have to learn how to properly conduct a company training session. Here’s a list of things you’ll have to consider if you want the training session to be successful.…


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Why Some Companies Do the Pre-Employment Drug Test

While there are a lot of people who argue that recreational drug use doesn’t have to interfere with one’s workplace performance, the truth is that an employee with drug addiction is a liability that your enterprise simply doesn’t need. There are so many problems with the idea of hiring someone with this habit that may come to plague your enterprise or even run it completely into the ground. Before we get into this any deeper, we should first discuss the…


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Keeping Your Employees Happy With These 5 Easy Tricks

A company is only as good as the employees it keeps. No matter how good your equipment is, no matter how strong your marketing efforts are, you need people to run things. Good electronics and software won’t mean much if you don’t have people who can use them. And the best…


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Learning and Development Strategies for Ensuring a Successful Organisation

To have a successful organisation, there are a lot of factors business owners and managers have to pay attention to, from having all the finances in place to make sure their product/service is top-notch and exactly what the customers need. However, one crucial aspect that cannot be forgotten under no circumstances are the employees.

The staff is what keeps the operation going and running smoothly. To attract top…


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The Best (and Worst) Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

Well-thought-out questions are the key to finding well-qualified job candidates. The right interview questions will help uncover insights about applicants that can’t be gleaned from a resume, including professionalism, confidence, problem-solving skills, and more!

The Best Job Interview Questions

While behavioural interview questions,…


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Outsourcing Human Resource Companies - An Asset Your Company Should Have

The majority of business owners would undoubtedly agree that their most important asset are their employees. They realise that people are the real value of every business, and they take quality to another level.

So, naturally, the human resources department is essential when it comes to managing a business. However, the work of some HR departments can be too comprehensive to be optimally handled within the company.…


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5 Ways to Improve Your Construction Company’s Safety Culture

Safety is most certainly one of the major concerns of every construction company. The job, obviously, comes with a wide variety of risks. This is why it is essential for your business to have a strong safety culture. Engagement with each and every employee is crucial because they all need to be trained and fully aware of all the possible risks, as well as the ways to make sure that everyone on the worksite is protected. …


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Acoustic Comfort at The Office to Make Employees Feel Comfortable

Noise in the workplace is one of the most efficient productivity killers there is. Not only that but it’s also one of the easiest ways to cause misinterpretations around the place. Moreover, a scenario in which it’s difficult to hear is usually not the one where people feel comfortable talking. Just think about it, is a nightclub a perfect place for a conversation? Of course not. Even though this comparison might not be that fair, you still get the point. As…


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Office “Chill” Zones Are a Must in 2019

Even though a lot of people talk about a healthy work-life balance, not a lot of them are in a position to actually practice it. That is unless the employer that they’re working for decides to do something about it. We’re, of course, referring to the concept known as office chill zone. Now, this phrase could stand for a number of different ideas and approaches, which is why we’ll try to cover as many different concepts as we can. With that in mind and without…


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Hiring People with Disabilities and the Duty of the HR Department

There are three main reasons why you should start hiring people with disabilities as soon as possible. First of all, they are an amazing and massive talent pool and just because someone has a disability it doesn’t mean that they can’t contribute to your company and your brand as a whole. Second, it’s a program incentivized by the government, which may give your company a series of benefits. Finally, it’s an ethical thing to do, yet, other than this altruistic…


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Importance of legal knowledge in the HR department

Human resource department has gotten more and more important as time progresses. It used to be a simple “hire and fire” type of a deal. But today, it also focuses on various other aspects of employee engagement. Often at times, the human resource department is misunderstood by most companies. It is the lifeblood of any organization as it ensures that we get the most out of an employee. Investing in people is serious business and as with any investment, we…


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Establishing Your Own RTO Agency - What You Need To Know

There are approximately 5,000 registered training organizations in Australia according to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). It is the fastest growing industry, by far. Many students are interested in mostly vocational education courses. These courses along with all the sought-after certifications are what Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) are offering. These institutions can offer many different types of certifications, from diplomas,…


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7 Effective Ways to Promote Safety in the Workplace

Keeping the employees safe while they work is one of the most basic and most important duties of any employer. It is their legal and moral obligation to make sure that no one can get hurt while working for them. However, it can be a bit complicated, especially if the job is such that provides many opportunities for physical harm. Sometimes a safety hazard isn’t perceived as such, and sometimes the employees aren’t careful enough and get hurt…


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Never stop learning - Become the Master of the human resource management

People are a company’s most valuable asset. As a human resources manager, you are in charge of keeping that asset available and treasured. The company relies on you to deal with interpersonal problems among employees and between employees and employers. As you are dealing with constantly evolving people, learning is absolutely a part of your job. Improving on some of these fronts will increase your effectiveness as a mediator.…


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What Is the Role of HR Department in Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of employees is not a simple and easy task. It demands knowledge of psychology, social studies and, of course, the industry those employees will perform their tasks. Additionally, you have to be acquainted with the educational system in your country and the country you’re hiring people from.

When you plan to hire someone from abroad, there are several factors that you have to think of.…


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Workplace Safety Should Be Number One HR concern

Safety is one of the first casualties of a reckless pursuit for a higher productivity, however, this is not the only thing that causes workplace accidents, mishaps and lapses. Of course, creating an environment that’s 100 per cent injury free is impossible, seeing as how human error is a factor that can never really be eliminated and it takes place in all stages from the workplace preparation to the actual production. Nonetheless, with a safe manner of…


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How to avoid lawsuits from unsatisfied employees

The first thing you need to understand about lawsuits is that they aren’t always justified and they’re not always fair. Still, if you get your ego get in the way of your thinking, you might oversee something major, something that’s clearly your fault. Now, keep in mind that one’s level of satisfaction is completely subjective and arbitrary, which means that there are some people you simply won’t be able to please no matter what you do.…


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