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Workplace Safety Should Be Number One HR concern

Safety is one of the first casualties of a reckless pursuit for a higher productivity, however, this is not the only thing that causes workplace accidents, mishaps and lapses. Of course, creating an environment that’s 100 per cent injury free is impossible, seeing as how human error is a factor that can never really be eliminated and it takes place in all stages from the workplace preparation to the actual production. Nonetheless, with a safe manner of…


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What Is the Role of HR Department in Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection of employees is not a simple and easy task. It demands knowledge of psychology, social studies and, of course, the industry those employees will perform their tasks. Additionally, you have to be acquainted with the educational system in your country and the country you’re hiring people from.

When you plan to hire someone from abroad, there are several factors that you have to think of.…


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How to avoid lawsuits from unsatisfied employees

The first thing you need to understand about lawsuits is that they aren’t always justified and they’re not always fair. Still, if you get your ego get in the way of your thinking, you might oversee something major, something that’s clearly your fault. Now, keep in mind that one’s level of satisfaction is completely subjective and arbitrary, which means that there are some people you simply won’t be able to please no matter what you do.…


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