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I am alarmed! The impact of the words we use on others

Words are one of the most powerful tools we all have at our disposal. Words convey our thoughts and feelings, they build and tear down relationships, and how we use our words sets us apart from others. Words and hence the collective language we use also help define cultural and group norms. Think about it. Do you have certain phrases or words that you use just with your friends or your team at work? Are there certain words that have different meanings to them when used with your partner? In…


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Use your voice!

Last night on ABC’s Q&A program, in response to the Minister for Education, Christopher Pyne, a group of students launched a loud and disruptive protest (if you missed it you can watch it here  Pyne had been grilled earlier in the night on his plans for higher education, university fee structures, youth reachout programs and he, in true Pyne form, had maintained a steadfast position on…


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Women “knocking on doors” aren’t just selling Avon.

On Monday night’s Q&A program (watch here  the topic of introducing mandatory quotas to boost women in Federal Parliament was raised. The panel, comprising, among others Lisa Wilkinson (from the Today Show), George Brandis (Attorney General) and Chris Bowen (Shadow Treasurer), were quite divided in their support of quotas with Brandis being the only outspoken panel member…


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Cognitive tests - just a brain tease?

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had a number of conversations with clients providing additional feedback and interpretation on the cognitive abilities results of their candidates. The theme of most of these conversations has been trying to understand how a candidate who presented well in an interview or who has a number of university degrees or who is well liked by all of their referees, did not do as well as expected on the tests of cognitive ability.

To provide a bit of…


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Sorry for this blog post.

Today when meeting with a client, I apologised for my position in the company.  I am the Managing Director of Psylutions cut-e Australia, an entity that was formed last April when my company Psylutions merged with a global psychometric testing provider, cut-e.  I have been part of Psylutions, a company I started for over eight years. I have given my all to the development of the company, blood, sweat and a hell of a lot of tears and to merge with a global organisation was a real achievement…


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Gamification: more than just a ‘game’

Right now, Gamification is hot.

It is the newest innovation organisations are exploring to attract and engage graduates, in particular. As Gamification is so new, there is still much debate over its role in the selection process, i.e. is it just a tool for attraction? and the validity of its assessment properties, i.e. how does this apply to the assessment of graduates? Last week we ran a webinar on gamification…


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Best Practice on a Budget

It’s a familiar situation: grad season starts with a bang, students are all back at uni, careers fairs are in full swing and graduate applications are coming in thick and fast. There’s that feeling of anticipation. Who will apply this year? Will we attract the best fit grads to our program? It’s exciting and daunting all at the same time. And then the reality of the selection and assessment process sets in. You have thousands of applications to evaluate and hundreds of grads to assess just…


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The trustworthiness of beards

Apparently, a man’s beard can say a lot about his trustworthiness. Full beards, goatee + moustache are considered very trustworthy, a full moustache mildly trustworthy, and the neck beard sans moustache quite threatening. Indeed the scientific basis for the trustworthiness of beards is questionable at best, however a 2012 study from Warwick Business School, the University College London and Dartmouth College found that the way a person looks is closely related to their perceived…


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Three reasons not to use psych testing

I am a believer in the value psych testing can add to understanding someone’s motivations, preferences, potential and underlying abilities. Having built a business around psych testing for selection and development, this faith is certainly an asset to our service offering! But not everyone I meet is a true believer and at times I am faced with scepticism and wariness. And I can understand this, psych testing can be confronting, it measures our key drivers, our resilience, our thinking style,…


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The Surgeon’s Dilemma – a test for unconscious bias

Here’s a challenge for you.

A father and his son are involved in a horrific car crash and the man died at the scene. But when the child arrived at the hospital and was rushed into the operating theatre, the surgeon pulled away and said: “I can’t operate on this boy, he’s my son”.

How can this be?

Have you worked it out yet? How long did it…


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