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UK, China, USA: Navigating Australia’s open international borders as an SME

International borders reopened this week and Australia has lifted a major restriction that has impacted operations and growth opportunities for businesses small, medium, and large that rely on international travel.

Businesses looking to resume international travel will be met with a ‘new normal’ way of crossing the globe and offers his advice to Australian businesses looking to navigate their new freedoms.

Corporate Traveller,…


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7 important safety actions SMEs should implement before returning to travel

Businesses are starting to plan their travel for 2022, however as the pandemic continues and new variants emerge, travel will remain a complex, yet doable business activity. As a result, a business travel expert says pre-planning and risk assessment to prioritise traveller safety and minimise disruptions must be a greater priority for businesses before resuming travel.

Despite promising vaccination rates, the threat of the pandemic remains, and the new Omicron variant has thrust…


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SMEs taking to the skies critical to staving off 2022’s ‘great resignation’

SMALL and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the Australian economy, and with 2022 looking like the eye of the storm when it comes to the much-anticipated ‘great resignation’, there has never been a more critical time for SMEs to take to the skies to both retain and win new talent.

In a recent report, Microsoft found that 41 per cent of the global workforce is likely to consider leaving their current employer within the next year, with 46 per cent planning to make a…


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Human behaviour specialist: Face-to-face critical to business recovery

Co-founder of the Behaviour Report, Dan Gregory, has said that face-to-face meetings, company events, and conferences will be critical for business recovery as parts of the country begin to exit prolonged lockdowns.

The human behaviour specialist was a keynote speaker at Australia’s premier corporate industry event, Illuminate 2021, hosted by the Flight Centre Travel Group, and enlightened attendees with what drives beliefs, behaviours and belonging.

“Every generation has a…


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81% of NSW and VIC SMEs have survived and plan to thrive after lockdowns

A new survey has revealed just how resilient Melbourne and Sydney SMEs have been during the current lockdowns. More than a quarter have not been impacted by the lockdowns at all, while 53 per cent say they will focus on bouncing back when restrictions ease.

The findings were derived from a survey of an independent panel of 161 SME business owners in NSW and Victoria, commissioned by Corporate…


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SMEs key to driving Australia’s business travel recovery

Business travel accounts for a significant portion of Australia’s travel sector and contributes to the local economy. Since the start of the pandemic, the SME sector has been greatly impacted and has experienced a significant decline in business travel.

However, I believe that SMEs will be a key driver in the country’s travel recovery and will play an important role in giving the economy a much-needed boost.

Small businesses account for around 98 per cent of all Australian…


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7 things businesses can do now, to recover quickly after lockdown

A proportion of businesses that are still operating healthily in the current lockdown may have slowed their pace as they wait for the re-opening. However, I believe that businesses would be wise to use the downtime to re-strategise and plan for the post-lockdown bounce back, and return to a pre-covid world, smarter.

As the General Manager of Corporate Traveller Australia (, the SME business…


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