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Perceptions of truth in workplace investigations

When conducting a workplace investigation one of the most interesting phenomena is how multiple people can view an incident and how they can all give different accounts… sometimes wildly!  Of course, there is the ‘he said - she said’ cases. However just as challenging is when you have non-invested witnesses who all see something different. You may ask, can this really be true? Well, I challenge you to look at this photo that has been doing the…


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Increasing our workplace resolution wisdom

I feel like the temperature in our workplaces is continually heating up. Maybe it's just a reflection of our current fiery western culture where we appear to be less tolerant of disagreement and less open to alternatives to working through that agreement. So, I’ve been doing some…


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The path to a successful Workplace Investigation

Over the holidays I received a fevered call from a good client, “Dave”. He is an HR Officer at a smallish regional hospital. It was a bit of tricky and sensitive matter. It was an allegation of sexual harassment by a woman against another woman and he knew it was based on unwitnessed behaviours in the changerooms at the hospital. Dave also knew there…


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How to Value Your Values


On the weekend I attend the funeral of a 90yo. There was only 1 person in attendance with a known connection to the man. I did not know him. He had no known relatives. Why I was there is a complex story, but suffice to say they were 20 people present giving Mr Tibor P an appropriate and dignified exit from this world.


I was struck by many thoughts during the service. Just some of these were - What was Tibor’s story? How did he live so long…


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The challenge of dealing with Sexual Harassment Claims

How do you balance a victim or complainant centred approach with the realities of a sexual harassment claim in the workplace? There is a lot of talk at the moment about what is the best practise approach to sexual harassments claims in the workplace. From an HR perspective, it can be a real challenge. However, we are firmly of the view that you can take the matter…


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Career, community and cause. Where’s the conflict?

Career, Community & Cause are three of the key ingredients for engaged employees but what happens when one of these breakdown... why conflict of course!

It’s true, engaged employees are less likely to be distracted by conflict. And organisations who can balance engagement will achieve performance.  An…


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Romantic relationships in the workplace

It’s a legit relationship, so why is it anybody else’s business?

There has been a lot of debate recently about the impact and consequences of romantic workplace relationships. There is the current barney over Barnaby going on; In 2017 two senior AFL managers lost their jobs after…


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